One of those days….

Sometimes I am over the moon. Happy, joyful and my heart skips beats (in a good way!). This morning I woke up with the sun rise, prayed, finished some work on my laptop-- without the assistance of coffee. By 8 am we were hosted by one of my favourite people on the planet for breakfast. … Continue reading One of those days….

This Kurdish girl deserves a thank you

There are probably a thousand depressing things that I would love to write about right now, to¬†get it all off my chest. Writing those negative thoughts and emotions is often therapeutic. However, I choose not to. You see, dearest reader, I woke up to such a beautiful post from a person I follow¬†on Facebook, I … Continue reading This Kurdish girl deserves a thank you

Kurdish couple go beyond just criticizing!

In Kurdistan there are two types of people. Type one sit and complain, all day, everyday blaming every issue in Kurdistan on everyone except themselves. These also are the type that sometimes throw rubbish from their car windows, don't obey traffic laws and find it okay ¬†to spoke indoors while their kids are sitting half … Continue reading Kurdish couple go beyond just criticizing!

My #TEDxNishtiman experience

Hello loyal reader!! If you haven't followed #TEDxNishtiman recently then you've been on a different planet (or¬†in one of those¬†social media/ technology detox phases). I was behind the stage, changing last minute scripts and program plans with Mustafa when I saw Azad Mohammad sitting silently, trying to peek to the audience. I couldn't help get … Continue reading My #TEDxNishtiman experience

Kurdish Clothes For All

Loyal reader, Hello from a very emotional blogger! Over the years I have been part of a handful of different charity campaigns. A number remain close to my heart. Some surprise me and take me by a storm, others are quiet disappointing. Some leave me in tears of happiness, others tears of pain and depression. … Continue reading Kurdish Clothes For All