My very own earrings…

You didn't see that title coming, did you? You know, everything handmade has a character, personality and soul of its own. You're laughing aren't you? I'm serious. The object, with a soul, has a character of its own and with no doubt little particles of the creator's love, passion, enthusiasm, energy, and thoughts are also … Continue reading My very own earrings…


Abuse in all its colours

"My son asked me to lift his top, when I did I saw a red mark of an entire hand on his back." A mother told me yesterday, tears filling her eyes, and I got goosebumps all over me. "We went back to the private daycare the following day the caregiver said it was not … Continue reading Abuse in all its colours

1, 000 dreams!

1, 000 dreams my friend. Malala said that one book, one pen and one teacher can change the world. This year, an Angel in Kurdistan, for the second consecutive year, gave not only one pen, but many pens, not only one notebook, but many notebooks to children of vulnerable families. She gave them a soft … Continue reading 1, 000 dreams!

What do I want from these elections? 

If you asked me four years ago, eight years ago or even twelve years ago my response would have been completely different (I have blog posts that prove it). But today, as a mother of two children a country's election has never been more important to me. By going to vote I am going to … Continue reading What do I want from these elections? 

10 years of blogging!

On a night like tonight, ten years ago I began something that changed my life... In fact, September 8 is amongst special dates like my anniversary, and my kids' birthdays. I was young. At 19, I was in my fantasy world of books, university essay papers, volunteering and I had just started work with START … Continue reading 10 years of blogging!

I borrowed a Manjal.

That written up there sounds so absurd. I agree. But I did. I went to the neighbour's house and borrowed a manjal (pot). I am new in the neighbourhood. With the neighbours, by our doorstep we say our hellos and have a quick conversation about how long the electricity cut last night, and what the schedule … Continue reading I borrowed a Manjal.