There is a first time for everything…

Hi loyal readers-- I was just thinking how the journey of this blog has reflected every aspect of my life in the past decade. From a headless chicken running around here and there to a grown adult and a mother of two! Yes, TWO!! Yesterday I was invited to two events. I definitely couldn't make … Continue reading There is a first time for everything…



A'yba (shame/ful) is everywhere in our society. Look right, look left and everything is a'yba. People care about what's a'yba and what's not. for God sake, they kill each other because of A'yba. I see so many issues that are the real a'yba, simple to address yet we let them slip from our hands because there are always … Continue reading A’yba!

Daya, where is Kurdistan?

My son, Yad, not even three yet, has recently grown an interest in countries. It's the phase. I go with the flow and since he is interested in whatever it is, I try to give him little information here and there. Last week he got a train, placed it on the table, and began to … Continue reading Daya, where is Kurdistan?

280 days of thoughts…

Been a while. I know. Nine months ago, when I found out about news that was supposed to make me the happiest, it was some of the worst days of Kurdish politics in recent years. Iraqi army was literally taking over the Region. Socially, economically and even politically things were breaking apart.... That evening images … Continue reading 280 days of thoughts…

The new trend to giving birth

Loyal reader, One of the biggest experiences in my life. No. Hang on. Correction: The biggest experience of my life so far has been the birth of my son. Mentally, physically, emotionally and in every other way. It was huge. I still recall one of the first gynecological appoints I had, the doctor bluntly told … Continue reading The new trend to giving birth

Kurdistan inspired greeting cards, made with love!

Loyal reader... I have always loved cards. When I visit London I can spend hours in gift shops looking through cards and picking them out to people I know. I love receiving them, giving them, keeping them. I guess it comes from a deeper love to handwritten letters. My sister-in-law is a winner for giving … Continue reading Kurdistan inspired greeting cards, made with love!

A Thursday Thought- on a Tuesday!

Loyal reader, It’s raining. It smells like rain. The past week has been a blessing sent to us from the sky with almost nonstop raindrops—I feel like we are given a big hug while being told things aren’t that bad. You know, I probably don’t need to tell you but things are… not perfect these … Continue reading A Thursday Thought- on a Tuesday!