A splash of orange…

As a woman with a pen, whose wings were not clipped, it’s an obligation to speak for those with clipped wings, whose pens were stolen and those who drowned in their own tears. So long as I know a woman who is in pain, the plight of women will not end. So long as a... Continue Reading →


Hello Loyal reader (s) I often disappear out of this blog for a while, and then make an appearance with a few consecutive posts. Typical Sazan style. As I am snuffling, sitting on a cloud of tissues and coughing my tonsils out, spraying bacteria into the air like birthday confetti I thought I will update... Continue Reading →

13 years of social change

13 years ago, 16-year-old me landed in Erbil International Airport (it was actually just one room at the time) everything else after that day writes novels and books- not just stories of my one, but of every person I have encountered in my time 'back home.' On the streets of Erbil petrol was sold in... Continue Reading →

8 to 3 Working Hours Not Welcome!

Imagine a Kurdistan where half of the public employees were Linchpins. It's too good to even imagine. What is a Linchpin you may ask? In the words of Seth Godin, a Linchpin is ‘somebody in an organization who is indispensable - who simply cannot be replaced because their role is just far too unique and valuable.’ A... Continue Reading →

Introducing Social Studies in KRI

Hello, I've been thinking a lot recently (which is why I am probably a few steps away from depression). We have a power over a group of people in society which must be used correctly, if we are to head to a healthier and brighter future for this nation. The power to equip the young... Continue Reading →

The rude civil servant…

I am walking into a public office, I am assuming a good 500 staff work here. From the outside it's a big, fancy building. I walk in a little reluctant, as I always feel before entering public offices. My relationship, you can say, is a broken one. I breathe in, walk in, and hope to... Continue Reading →

Peleen’s Organic World

In the past two years an incredible number of young girls have taken up online platforms to show-case their talent. I love the content some of these girls present, each touchs me in her own unique way, and I am forever proud of the hard work they put into producing useful content, often without financial... Continue Reading →

To my 13-year-old daughter

To my dearest daughter... You're only 10 months old, this week has been one of the biggest, then again I say this every week and every month. But yesterday for the first I saw you crawling on all fours, four days ago you clapped for the first time and yesterday you did a half wave,... Continue Reading →

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