Mandali, Khanaqin and Faili Kurds…!!

Living abroad any person who asked me:
“where are you from?” or “what is your nationality”
I would simple reply:
“Kurdistan! and I am a Kurd!”
Most of the time I would have to say North Iraq and give an entire lecture of what I knew about the Kurds. If however, they knew something more they would ask:
“Which province are you from?”
Here… I would mumble. “I am not from Slemani, I am not from Hawler, I am not from Duhok, I am not exactly an Iranian Kurd either. I am from Mandali, we are called in most cases Faylee Kurds.” Today, I like to see myself, personally, as a Khanaqini after many visits I see so much similarity and no difference. Geographically and socially it is very much linked to Mnali.

Khanaqin is the place where I feel I belong, even though my entire life I have not lived there for more than 21 days all together, and unfortunately have never had the honor to seen Mandali by eyes yet.

I hope this blogspot will allow for all those Kurds like myself to start our little movement and share thoughts and feelings of who we are. In the end we are all Kurds, nonetheless, we must confine to our heritage and ancestors, as you will witness from posts to come the Faylee Kurds, like the victims of Halaja and Anfal suffered, and suffered greatly!!

4 thoughts on “Mandali, Khanaqin and Faili Kurds…!!

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  1. It is great to be proud of who you and have such a vibrant attitude towards your culture and traditions, like you seem to have. Looking forward to following up your future blogs to know more about the people of that area of Kurdistan.Wish you all the best.


  2. I had the same confusion .. when people asked were are you from..again i am Faili kurd born in Baghdad my father was born in Baghdad too but my grandfather from Iran.. during old regime we used to say from Xanaqeen just to justify our existence ..but we dont need it anymore we are all kurd from Kurdistan..this how i consider myself …But in reality still lost in between.


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