So you say: "I am bored?!"

Erbil has come a long way
I remember almost two years ago when I first returned to Kurdistan there was barely any place to go out. Other than Naza Mall, Park Sami-Abdul Rahman, Minaret and New City had just been open. Today, Hawler has come a long way.
We do not notice the rapid changes because the changes are gradual infront of our eyes everyday. If you leave the region and return you realize many changes and developments have taken place.
Rheil Mall- the shops are some of my favourite in Hawler the third storey has brought the children’s rides, it is a nice evening out with a little shopping, a snack to eat and a ride or two for the toddlers.
J&K Fitness Centre- This has just been open this year, it is a luxuries ‘Women’s Only’ getaway, it has everything a women needs from a great restaurant, nice seating area, swimming pools, Sona, beauty care, salon , net cafe, etc… it is the ultimate place to go out with a group of girls. Even if just for a coffee in the cafeteria.
2B2, Bakery and more etc…- The restaurants and Cafes keep opening, there is a new one every day, 2B2 has a nice seating area upstairs

Above: Picture of the 2B2 cafe upstairs- the atmosphere is one of the rare in Erbil. Worth visiting for a coffee or ice cream

Aqua Park- Even though I have only been there for a visit, however, the long winding waterslides and pool is a real attraction and appears to be a bundle of fun. The bowling is also very new to the region and seems to be a popular new leisure activity for those who like to try something different.

Family Fun amusement park- This is the most popular new attraction, 12 rides, some too daring I could never try, even if just going to look around. Listening to people’s screams and laughter can some how be amusing in its own way. I am looking forward for the opening of the mall and cinema in that area.

The rides are now open, the Alabora is one of three in the world to this grand size… try it if you dare!!

March 2009 the finish produce of the Family Fun project will look like the picture above

It is not the most radical and dramatic change, but when we think of it, this is great development considering the backward development of the rest of the country. The skeleton of buildings in the process of completion stand high; if progress continues like this Erbil will transform into a city of dreams… of course there are many other gaps that need to be filled. For now the shopping, the food and the rides is enough to keep us busy as we await to see what appears next.

4 thoughts on “So you say: "I am bored?!"

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  1. Never realized there were this many entertaining venues in Erbil. Would you be able to post the address of the amusement park.You’ve done a great job- keep it up


  2. You are full of peace and love, This is my 3rd tour in Iraq and I have never been to Kurdistan: I pray I can go North to see the beauty of Iraq. Your Blog is Very Awesome.Thank youSSG Luna,LorenzoTallil AB Iraq


  3. Your blog is great. As a Kurdish man from Hawler who has been away from Hawler for 22 years, I am proud to see that there are so many talented Kurdish women making a difference in Kurdistan. I wish you all the best that life has to offer.


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