Missing Kurdistan…

Miss home.
I wrote it in love hearts everywhere I went in Vienna. Even in this cold weather and continuous snow for over three days now the streets are free of any traffic problems, the trains are functioning as per usual, kids are going to school, shops are full, electricity is not cut and having a warm shower is still possible over the view of white snow from your apartment bathroom…. life here is simple, it is beautiful, but something is not right. I miss home. I miss Kurdistan.

I sit, think and wounder why this is so. You walk in the streets and no one bothers to look at you, where as often walking near the citadel one can feel like Miss Universe with all the stares. Everyone is busy with their daily routines and busy lifestyles. In Kurdistan people care and watch over for one another. That in itself is a great feeling of security. This does not exist here, my uncle is living in this apartment for three years now and only knows nothing about the family living opposite to him. In Kurdistán so often the neighbours are like a second family. Simple things like this contribute greatly to life…

I have taken the opportunity to speak to many Kurds living here in Vienna, it was unfortunate that so many are distant from one another. All of whom express their resentment of the °loneliness° here, (what they call ‘ghareebi’– living far from family and relatives). We do not feel this distance in Kurdistan but when living in a place this far in a different culture, surrounding and environment then it is normal to feel this loneliness, to such a degree that you do not feel the other joyful aspects of life.

Notice the frozen lake in the background!!! – absolutely beautiful….

Care for a picnic…?! We could have done with some rain and snow in Hawler this year

Above: My little cousin Hanas. First time I see her in my life, it is hard to think that I will leave them behind… they have become so attached because they have not had close relatives visiting. The little one begins to cry when I say I will be leaving… 😦

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