First Birthday

First Birthday

I do not really know how many regular readers I have; hundreds or just a few, but during the last year I have had just over 1000 visitors to my profile page, and I am over the moon about that; if 10 of that 1000 read one of my pieces it gives me the encouragement to continue writing for another 10 years!
This month I celebrate exactly ONE YEAR of blogging— exactly one year ago I decided to start a blog about life in Kurdistan- through the eyes of a Kurdish girl. I focused on the beauties of home.

I must admit I did not blog often, and there is no excuse as to why, for me this was a big year, I began a weekly column with the Kurdish Globe, started volunteering at the START Social Development Organization, and was active with youth activities in the community, above all that I have this blog that I update with something new whenever I have the chance. I sit and think how lucky am I to do all these things which I enjoy so much, here in Kurdistan. I have come to realize and be persuaded from my heart that despite all the difficulties we face here; we still lead lives that is filled with color, enjoyment everyday there is something new and interesting that is happening.

My wish for my blog this year is to write more- one entry a week (at least) and add more pictures with each entry (must start carrying a camera with me where ever I go). Other than that I hope all you readers ([MUM]!!) keep reading.
So Happy Birthday to my blog—that is, my ‘ONE-YEAR-OLD’ blog; as we say here in Kurdistan inshAllah sad sal

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Blogger, i hope and wish that you will keep doing this for 100 years just like you said and we say here in Kurdistan inshAllah sad sal, and its honor if i can work with you in ths case, again Happy Birthday to your Blogger.

    Office Manager & Bilingual Culture Adviser for U.S.Department of State.


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