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As the curtains to the study year 2009/2010 open, it is only normal I write a special blog about the University of Kurdistan- Hawler (UKH). It is exciting to know once again we can wake up every morning and leave home to go to see out bigger family.

Indeed, we are a big family at UKH, because there are not many students it is always the same faces, personalities, groups and even the same tables in the cafeteria. Going back to see students and staff is always an experience that is cherished close to the heart.

What is unique about UKH is that the culture inside the Uni is different to other governmental universities in the region. It is an open minded culture; students are free to practice their views and values. UKH is the only governmental English teaching university in Erbil, whilst all the staff are foreigners and have completed their degrees in countries such as the UK, Australia and the US the students are a mix of Kurds and other ethnic and religious groups present in Iraq.

I am sure ten years down the track I will see many of our current students with high qualified jobs and they will be change makers in the Kurdistan Region and wider Iraq.

They are all individuals with dreams and ambitions in life- this is what makes UKH different. Looking at my peers each person is inspiring in their way; you can learn something from each of them. They are all individuals capable of great accomplishments.

As for me, my emotions are mixed, I guess once we have set foot in the final year it all becomes reality; it was only yesterday when we were first year students; now we are ‘last’ year students. I begin to think of the next step ahead, not only the intense studies and stress of the next two semesters but also what will follow the 9 months.

We will be the first lot to graduate from UKH, and the first lot of students in Iraq to graduate from an English teaching university.

Not long ago I was in primary school dreaming and thinking when will I ever get to Uni, and here I am today setting foot into the final year… Dreams do come true.
I am so glad I had the chance to study in Kurdistan—in a culture and environment of my own kind. I wonder if I studied in a foreign country- I wouldn’t have been able to fit in and be involved as much as I am here. For me, it is a privilege to be a student at UKH- I am confident I am receiving education of good standards, I am enjoying my time being a student and more importantly I am in a position where I can look for a bright and open future ahead.

Meanwhile all our focus is to get the best possible results this year, make the most of our time and … think of the graduation!!!!!!

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  1. Dear sazan,
    I enjoy style you write with , it's like my own one 😛
    I love uni too, and every moment i imagine how i'll Graduate 🙂
    hey girl your year of birth is 1990 right?
    I think i konw one of your family , mandlawi too.
    stay in touch


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