A Brit in ‘Jli Kurdi’

My new British friend makes Kurdish clothes

It was an entertaining experience, when Jessy, 14 from the UK came to spend the Christmas holiday in Kurdistan with her grandmother who happens to be working here. It is her first time in the region, and the first thing she wanted to do was buy ‘Jli Kurdi’. We bought the material, went to the tailors and the second day this is what it looked like on her.

So proud of our culture!!
I am so glad that foreigners enjoy the experience of staying in Kurdistan, and it makes me proud and happy to have young people from the developed world come and be our guest!

7 thoughts on “A Brit in ‘Jli Kurdi’

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  1. Zor Spas Sazan,
    Bloga te pir bedew hatiye chêkirin. Ji binî heta serî bêhna Kurdistan'ê jê têt.
    Her bijî!

    Bîrjen Jehr


  2. hello sazan
    thank you for such a lovley time with you and getting me the most beautiful jillkurd i cant wait till i come back over it feels special to be on your blog lol lots of love jessy xxxxxxx


  3. Wasalam Aluikam, choni bashi everyone ,just want to say what a lovely picture 'Jessi' you lookzor zor jwana masha'allah! :)My real reason for commenting is I am engaged to a kurdish man and we are to be married islamically after ramadan then our uk wedding soon after i have had a cpl of jli kurdi dresses sent over from kurdistan iraq which were lovely and it was very thoughtful of my inlaws they are very pretty, but i would like to buy a new dress or make one for my wedding as a suprise to my husband to be…… would anyone know where i can have either a dress made or buy one i know of armenia kurdish fashions and della murad but these are really out of my price range 😦 so if anyone can help i would be very grateful……….supas dekam insha'allah i will find something soon xx


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