The Kurdish Yapragh (Dolma)

Above: The guys in our department trying to get the first taste

If you are well acquainted to the Kurdish culture you would know that there is nothing that makes Kurds happier than a large pot of Yapragh (otherwise known as Dolma) or Bryani.

When exam season arrives, students become stressed and essays and assignments seem to be never ending what makes a group of Politics Students smile?! Food—not just any food, we are after all talking about Yapragh!!

I must admit even for less than an hour sitting on the grass around a bunch of newspapers and a large plate of mouthwatering Yapragh with discussion and jokes with colleagues is one of those times where memories are everlasting.
Large get togethers are a vital component that keeps the Kurdish culture vibrant and alive.

In large family outings or in celebrations such as Newroz usually the women begin the big grocery shopping the night before, and wake up early the next morning to prepare the dish and place it on the stove until they leave the house when it is wrapped in towls and cloth to keep it warm for the hungry tummies. The mixture is wrapped in vine leaves or other vegetables. most of the time and is made differently in each household. No matter how it is made Yapragh among Kurds is a respected dish nad must be tried if you ever visit the region.

Above: Kak Aso helps bring the heavy pot to the Uni garden

(pictures- Thanks to S. Ibrahim for the Yapragh made for our colleagues in a time when we were all worn out and stressed.)

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