Elissa lands in Erbil

And she lands on Kurdish soil….!!

Above: With Foreign Relations representative of KRG- Mr. Falah Mustafa

Above: Elissa in the VIP section of the Erbil International airport

Lebanese singer Elissa arrived in Erbil International airport about 5:30 to 6 PM today, for her conert tomorrow night. I did not go to the airport simply because they over exaggerate on the security and it takes a real fight to get these ‘pop-stars’ so say two words.

I was told* that she said the reason behind her visit was the stable security in the region, her love for the nation and her eagerness to see Kudistan.

For an average Kurdish girl, I am pleased that she is here and we are proving to the world that the Kurds are no different to any other nation in the world. Despite the costs of the tickets many reservations have been made, and so many others are willing to go but the $200 USD (for the peasants at the back) and $500 USD (for the kings at the front) still remains the reason why so many will not make it tomorrow night.

As for her new CD, there are two songs that I seem to be listening to non-stop around the clock, and I just can’t wait to see who is next on the list to visit the region.

*Pics: thanks to S. Hamed and Q. Khidhir
*told by a reliable source who was there!

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