What’s up Hawler?

The summer break is here and I decided for the first official summer entry of this blog to have a list of ‘top HOT summer places’ in Erbil.

Above: The teleferique at Shanadar park in early evening hours.

The weather is already reaching 40 degrees and it is just the start of June, living in Erbil I thought I could give you a ‘Top 5’ list of What’s Hot in Erbil this summer.

5. I decided at number five I would put the suspense of Hawleries who are waiting for the completion of the project near the Baxtiari suburb, which is going to include the first modern movie theater in the capital. If completed this will definitely make the top of my list next summer. For now, if you happen to drive past the construction make sure you take the time to observe the buildings’ skeleton!!

4. KFC- Krunchy* Fried Chicken The Abu Shahab coffee and restaurant had to make the list. Whilst there is better food in Erbil, it is definitely the biggest restaurant in the region so far. The seating area in the evening is spectacular- whether you are in the balcony overlooking the busy road beneath and Erbil lights at night or sitting in the garden to the sound of the water fountain. Dinner with family and friends in an evening in Erbil at Abu Shahab is differently hot this summer.

3. Aqua Park is another MUST in the list, even though it was officially opened more than two years ago- the bowling, ice-hall and water slides are definately one of the great ‘to go to’ places in Erbil.

2. Shopping!! Shopping!! Shopping!! although this is no longer a hobby for me, but I imagine many people still enjoy it. I prefer the traditional way to shop in Erbil’s citadel as it gives me a real experience of the traditional Hawler although the new Majidi Mall will have to be a nice place to shop in these hot summer days. Even if not shopping, but the games archade and the coffee seating areas gives you a feeling of the European Lifestyle on Kurdish soil. So at number 2 it’s Majidi Mall, though I am sure it will be off the list next summer, with all the development taking place in the region Majidi is going to be ‘so last year’.

1. I had no doubt when I made up my mind of what is going to be number one on my list this summer. Shanadar Park, in front of the Minaret it is definitely a worthy place to spend a summer’s evening. Here the CIRCUS IS IN TOWN on the park grounds, and if that is not your cup of tea of entertainment then the seating area on a mini mountain top is relaxing, the numerous fountains, lights at night little drinks and ice-cream shop are by no means the only attraction of the park. A human made version of the original Shanadar cave sets this park out from the rest. If you have the energy to take the steps to the top of the cave the view of the surrounding is amazing, and if you are lazy the tour inside the cave is just as great with a large display of arts from young and old, the gallery is a fine display of the local’s talent. If all this is not enough then Shanadar is offering the first teleferique ride inside the city. It is already up and will run very soon. The 30 minute ride will is a project covering 1800m (According to the AK).

*I know, it is Kentucky but for copy right reasons they decided to name this one Krunchy (with a K!)

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  1. i am going in march!!!! 1000% i am going to Hewler in march, so thanks a lot for pointing on these great places – i am completly out of patience waiting for my visit in Kurdistan. and when i read about Hewler sometimes i cant believe that so wonderful place really exists.


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