December in Erbil

New Year is around the corner – I really find it hard to believe that another year has gone already – but people in Erbil are already in the spirit. My cousin came back with a Christmas tree (I will answer your question, don’t worry, YUP she’s also a Muslim!!). So it seems like in some people this time of year is a celebration for all and not for the Christian community only. Ainkawa (area in Erbil with the majority of residents being Christians) will soon shine in colours, lights and decorations. Most houses have Christmas trees and are in the Christmas spirit*.

Soon there will be tickets for New Year parties. Some will sell for hundreds of dollars and others at affordable prices. Phone companies will make millions. Simply because we are nation who like to greet each other in special occasions- friends, family; far, near and even the uncle’s next door neighbour!

We are a Muslim society, and to a degree maybe a conservative society too, but the acceptance of different cultures and religious really makes me proud to be living in Erbil. The pictures here are of Majidi Mall in Erbil- decorations, candles, gift wrapping, ribbons, stockings, Santa and the big Christmas tree too!! It’s all there for people’s enjoyment.

I must point out that businessman are not letting the Christmas season pass without empting some pockets. The picture below is of a new candy shop (from Turkey this one) you have the chance to fill a bag of goodies (for a sweet tooth like me, it is OH SO GOOD!) with your own choice for about $14 for half a kilogram. I think this is the first of its kind in Kurdistan, the price is a little hefty but I am thinking it’s only because the whole is new, soon when more of them are around the city prices will decrease (or will it?!). Anything new is welcome here. That’s the sense that I am feeling right now.

From a distance it catches the eye…

A little closer and it catches the heart…

A little more closer and it is irresistable…

And when you smell it… who said lollies were bad for you?!

*During this special time of year, my condolences are with the families who lost loved ones in an attack against Christian communities in Baghdad.

2 thoughts on “December in Erbil

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  1. Thats why Kurdistan is so great – coz its different from other countries, where the majority are muslims. thats why i am proud of that country.
    So you like sweets – well, good to know -p i am working in chocolate factory and i will use this new information :)))
    Have a great time during Xmas and my best wishes for our friend Julie. See you soon, girls – hiwadarm 🙂


  2. I am Christian and I uesd to live in Erbil for more than 2 years, I got very good memorys about celebrating christmas and new year.
    Especially Aiynkawa is very nice.
    I have to say Kurdishs are acceptance another cultures I respect Kurdiresh


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