Uprising! Raparin!

To the dearest readers*

Today, 11 March, was a special day (the anniversary of the Kurdish uprising in Erbil), although most of the days in March are special in their own right. Last year I remember it was my final year at Uni and for the first time in my life I celebrated Raparin (uprising) day like never before. The feeling was different. I can’t explain it in words, but I knew this year I wanted to feel the same way. So I got all colored up- Red, White, Green and Yellow! I chose to dress and accessories in the colors of the Kurdish flag rather than affiliation to any political party.
I basically left a meeting and followed my ears first—to loud sound of car horns—then, we then began following the crowd, no one knew where just around the streets. But the roundabout on 30 meter road was definitely a highlight. We were there for almost two hours.

This has almost become a tradition. On days like these Kurds accessories their vehicles—bikes, motorbikes, cars (old and new) trucks, and anything else that has even one wheel— they buy as many flags as they possibly can and take on the streets. Everyone smiling to each other, clapping, and putting on LOUD, REALLY LOUD (reallyyy loud) halparke songs that makes your shoulders move automatically.
I preferred to see more Kurdish colors than colors affiliated to different political parties, however, I saw both (considering the fact that I was in Erbil, it was normal to see more of one particular color than another) it was a sea of yellow and some green here and there.
I couldn’t believe that often I was sitting at home on my couch with a nice cup of Nescafe watching those people on my screen and today I was there. Watching is something, but seeing is another. The general mood was absolutely amazing. We began our day at home, as we watched the President’s address live then gradually made our way out in the early afternoon, and returned after dark. As I write this entry I am watching television—live broadcast— the streets are stick packed and people are still screaming, dancing, and waving flags.
You see certain things and wish that it was different. And you see other things and smile to yourself. I enjoy seeing Kurds happy. I often feel we have become a nation that is continuously seeking reasons to smile, to celebrate, to dance, to rejoice. Kurds deserve to smile. They deserve to feel secure about their future.
So, there you go. If you watched from your couch in some corner of the world today and said to yourself: “What they’re doing is crazy!” then just realize that today, I, as well was part of that!
Putting aside my political affiliation, my religion, my background—today, I was out there as a Kurd, celebrating with my fellow Kurdish citizens.

* Yes! You read correctly– Readers! I was telling a few friends about my day and I wouldn’t send them any pictures. “See my blog tonight!” That way they have no other choice. Thus, I am almost certain there are going to be atleast two or three people reading this entry. 🙂

I know I’m not the perfect photographer, but please note that all pictures were taken by ME- today! For the purpose of this blog only.

4 thoughts on “Uprising! Raparin!

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  1. Ah the feeling of freedom! Beautiful ain't it… Inshallah all occupied countries be it by other countries/powers or leaders will feel this sweet sweet freedom…
    I very much enjoyed your account of such an exciting day! Thank you for sharing and for your good pictures…


  2. Tabouleh.. my dear!!
    Welcome, glad someone enjoyes my encounters 😉
    Freedom feels amazing, when you have been deprived of it for so long and you finally see yourself in it… then you realize how important it is!


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