Hawler through their eyes…

My dear, most loyal readers*

I have been blogging for a while now–and if you’re also a blogger you would know how it feels when you hear from people who read your entries– it just feels special. So, more than three later I have some followers* (a few. But it’s enough to let me keep writing). In regards to yesterday’s entry I got an email (yes, an email from someone who actually reads this blog), I decided to share it with you. You might say that I am writing some of the entries in such a way only because I am a Kurd. But here is something from an outsider in Kurdistan (but always remember: outsiders are always sar sar o sar chaw [on our heads & eyes! if that makes any sense]) I didn’t obtain permission to publish this, therefore, the name shall remain anonymous!

so.. here we go:


I don’t know you like or you are not pleased to see my email. But I am writing to let you know that I was reading your .blog. I am not a usual Blog reader. But I found your Blog while browsing about Kurdistan.

On Friday 11th march I decided to have my prayers in the big mosque near my hotel ( Erbil international Sheraton hotel) and after the prayers I decided to walk towards Minara park as one of my friend told me that there near to this area is the grave (Marqad) of Prophet Ozair.. Well I found a small mosque like building but the door was closed and there was noting written on it . The other thing I noticed that day was extra amount of security on the roads. I was thinking that today due to this especial day the government is expecting some protest so they have this extra arrangement. At that time I hade a mix feeling.. Should I go back immediately to hotel or just see what’s going on.. well to be honest a bit scared as well.. but i continue walking. first towards the hotel and than I decided to eat some thing near citadel. There were sounds of load horns and songs from citadel. Than i have again seen many roads closed. and a lot of security and a lot of police with shields disappearing in a police station .it scared me. But than i was near citadel area and have see some of the people are there. some shops were open. I move more forward and I can see 100s of people in front of citadel waving flags. My fears calm down a bit and i have decided to go more forward. Now I was with in the crowd of people who were waving flags of different parties and also Kurdistan flags. Young people were dancing on some songs.. The whole seen was marvellous. It was really nice to see these people celebrating. But what was the real occasion i don’t know at that time but have only the hint that it is there national day. But it was for me really amazing. It remind me our old days when we celebrate our independence day but its no more like that. But this seen was also different. I have never danced in my live , may be because i am shy but on that music and on the style Kurdish people dance, i was feeling some thing with in me to dance with them. Than I was feeing more hungry and decided to move from there and come back to hotel, and in my way i have seen more and more people coming towards citadel .. it was really a nice experience and i can see that in your blog too.

I like Kurdistan, the more i read about it the more i like it. I have liking to it before i decided to came here. Now I am here. I really love it. The most amazing thing here is the nice people and your culture. I like these clothing’s .. That’s why i brought one for my one year old son.

I don’t know why i am writing to you all this but may be to let you know that I like it..

Sorry If I have wasted your time….

There you have it.

*Mum officially resigned from reading the entries, Kulka has been quiet and not posting much–but she’s on her way to Kurdistan for the first time! thanks to some influence from my blog 😉 so my loyal readers are O.H, H.A, A.K, Kulka and Taboula!! 🙂 I hope you realize all these entries are written for you four!

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  1. i am reading – i am reading, no worries, the way to kurdistan begin on friday – yes! this friday from manchester airport. but in fact i am in the time when i dont know what to do with myself – happy to see my dream, scared that something is wrong with ticket, excited how it would be in Kurdistan, if everything will go properly, plus extra headache to calm down my kurdish brothers who are fighting with each other on one kurdish forum…. yeah, in fact busy a bit.
    i didnt commented on previous entry – if we will have a chance to meet, i will tell why.
    OMG – i still cant believe… friday…


  2. A whole lot more people read your blog than the four you mentioned. I've read every single entry till now and will continue to do so as long as I can. I don't comment, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested. I love your blog and I really think private blogs like these are the only place for a Kurd outside Kurdistan to know the little beauties of Kurdistan(If only Kurds were a nation of bloggers). I loved your Hawler guide and I'm bringing a printed copy with me next time I'm passing trough Hawler to Slemani. Your blog on beggars in Hawler was also very familiar to my experience in Slemani and QalaChualan. I also check back every two/three days to see if your book is finished so I can order it :).

    If you really want to attract a lot of visitors you should try freelancing for some mayor papers like NY-, LA-Times, Reuters etc.. Eventually some people will Google your name and find this gem of a blog.

    Das xosh and keep blogging!


  3. Kulka & NA THANK YOU

    Thank you so much!! Well I consider this as a local blog 😉 and glad to know there are some flowers, including yourself. Makes me feel that I am not writing for no one! As for NY times etc.. well it's easy, but you never know.. maybe, just maybe, one day
    I will write up another entry soon for the places you should see around Erbil the next time you come. Enjoy your stay, and do let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you so much for your lovely words. Looking forward to hear from you from Erbil. Have a safe journey!!


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