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“Saz it is 12:30 am and you are taking me to a journey to my own life! Thank you!
I am Bewar Abdullah, 21 years old. Graduated from Political Science and International Relations at University of Kurdistan Hewler, and now working in my own university in the Media and Public Relations department.
I will take you to a typical day of my life
 Waking up early in the morning (snoozing the alarm several times) then its off to work. I love my way to work; it is a good time for daydreaming and thinking ahead.

What I love about my job is the fact that I write articles and make short videos about various subjects, and do workshops for Social Development from time to time (me and my manager usually argue about the workshop part. he says this is not my job, but it is not in my hand I do feel responsible to go out and share what I know and make my people more aware, but he is a great man in the end he allows me!).  It gives me a special feeling to work for my own university; I feel I am paying back the second home that taught me so many lifelong lessons during the four years of studying.
In my job I basically I sit in my office, and do my work. When I am free I usually try to go to the campus to catch up with a friend and chat or to the library and borrow a book.
Then its back home, by that time I’m all out of all energy. Without planning ahead sometimes I fall asleep for really long hours which later on I regret.
During weekends, I usually try to meet my friends or go out with family. But, the coming weekend it won’t be like this, because….Saz I will take the chance to tell you here, do you remember last year you did some workshops in high schools? And how much I wanted to be a part of the project, so hopefully I will do it soon. I am really excited about it; I wish you were here, so we would do it together!
Favorite place in Kurdistan:
I love all parts of Kurdistan, but I guess you can predict, my favorite is my homeland Rwandz. Despite the breath taking landscape and the fresh air of Rwandz, it also takes me back to my childhood and the beautiful memories I have there.
Favorite place in Erbil:
It is the citadel, the homes are made of clay, all the equipment’s are Kurdawari it reminds me of my grandmother’s home in Rwandz!
Favorite month:
 April, though I prefer cold weather, but Kurdistan gets so green and wet in April; nothing can be compared to the beauty of Kurdistan at that time, everything blossoms.
My favorite day of the week:
Thursday is my favorite day, I go home and I can do all the things and thinking I want to do which I have not been able to do in working days.
My role model:
My father is my number one role model, I wish to be like him, he ispatient, strong, caring, reliable and other countless characters!
(Saz, you are also one of my main role models)
Best thing I like in my life:
The people in my life; family, friends, my orphan friends. They are all the blessings sent form above and are the main source of my happiness.
One thing I don’t like:
Recently I feel very distracted from nature. All week long, home –office, office-home, and the cycle goes on. I want to reunite with nature ASAP!
Words for Kurdistan:
Hay Zhyanimn..Hay Ro7i Rawan! …
(I was listening to this old Kurdish song and then when I thought what would be best to describe Kurdistan, the song started speaking)
One thing in the Kurdish culture I love:
Aside from women’s case everything about Kurdish culture is BEAUTIFUL…I love the warmth among Kurdish people, the sense of responsibility to protect one another is unique. Something can be found in Kurdish culture which other societies miss isRESPECT.
The only dark point in our culture is when it comes to women; we are over protective regarding women. Though there are real attempts to raise awareness among people but still there is a lot to be done to change the mentalities.
Some of my wishes,
For Kurdistan: I wish to see one United Independent Kurdistan
Career: I wish I can get a job that allows me to make some changes in the education system in Kurdistan.”

Blogger Note: Bewar, is one my best friends. We have worked together in organising many projects and over the years we’ve grown up as sisters more than anything else. If I went on for page after page and book after book of writing it won’t describe Bewar, instead I just wish you get the chance to meet her, and only that can prove to you how right I am. For me, Bewar is one of those people that I wish every person could meet, she is a school of her own! Get to know her more through her blog: 

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  1. Nice to meet you Bawar Xan – all that you wrote i could write myself, fully agree on everything from top to bottom. Including sleeping afternoon long hours and regreting that later :))). Also you said very truth about kurdish culture and women – but i think and i hope the people like you or Sazan – will make a change to that and your generation will be better regarding the attitude toward women. But you all – girls and women of Kurdistan – have to be strong and dont fear to defend your opinions.

    Wich to meet you one day in Hewler or Rawanduz 🙂


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