Live from Hawler!! Before and After :)

To my favorite blog reader in the world!!

Looking over Erbil.

If you know me well (I am sure after five years of reading my blog you would) you would know there is nothing in the world that makes me as happy as discovering Kurdistan. So, my friend Narin arranged an entire day for us to spend together around the citadel in Erbil – (Yes, I envy myself for such friends!). Any way, so me, Narin and 5-year-old Nama (Narin’s niece) had the time of our life. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so I have put two pictures of me below and I will make no further comments. But know the pictures were taken in the same exact spot.

Erbil / Hawler – Citadel. Photo was taken by SI – March 2010
Erbil / Hawler- Citadel. Photo taken by NB – June 2012

I sat in the exact same place, and it seemed like yesterday when I was sitting there trying to imagine how it would look when all was finished. There is still a lot to be done, maybe in 2014  I will sit in the same place again. … I love it. If it wasn’t for the warm sun I would sit there and write the entire 20 000 words for my dissertation.
Must see RI now and I have an appointment to go to- will write later tonight. By the way- if you do come to Erbil you MUST (and there is NO EXCUSE) sit in the same place and take a photo 🙂 for the sake of your loyal blogger! 

11 thoughts on “Live from Hawler!! Before and After :)

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  1. I am really Happy That we Have Such Writer like You 🙂
    By the Way Sazan ” AMnish Bchma Bazar Babe Sar Qalat Nachmawa 😛 “
    Keep Posting us Your Wonderful Artcles 🙂


  2. I am Really Happy To Have Such A Great Writer Like You Sazan .!
    So Do I ” Babe Qalat Qat Nachmawa MAle “
    When I Goto QALAT i do Really Feel Refresh ” SadNess Goes Away …..

    By The Way I Have Saved Your Photos 😛 Gardanm Azaka


  3. your city is as beautiful as you are and its beauty is evolving much like yourself. reminds me of a couplet by Munir Niazi

    O my city nonpereil, may you remain eternally magnificient
    O everlasting beauty may you live here forever (translated. i guess poetry is only appealing in its language of revelation)

    Really looking forward to visiting your city.


  4. For the sake of my blogger 🙂 – any time i am in Hewler i am sittin g there at least two times a day – in the morning when and at the end of the day. Maybe a little bit on left side – my favourite corner is over there. I miss it very much and i cant wait for 2013 (always march) to sit there again.

    My best wishes


  5. Dear Sazan,
    I am from Kermanshah, and me & my family are planning a trip to Erbil in early July. I have some questions but I didn't find any good answers for them in the internet, so I thought a local Kurd would be the best person to ask. I didn't find any email address on your weblog, would you please put an email address so I would ask my questions?
    Here is my email adress:


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