Erbil is Joyful – 2013 Welcome!

Dearest, most loyal Blog Follower,

I couldn’t let this day go without making a quick entrance. My last blog for this year.. How amazing and beautiful it is to celebrate New Year in Erbil. I only had a chance to take a quick drive around Erbil last night to witness just how joyful the city and its people are. I came back and stole some pictures that my friends had posted on Facebook to give you a little insight. 
At night there is no place to park your car in the heart of Erbil, near the Qalat
The city is smiling, it is vibrant, it is joyful, it is sparkling with color and all you have to do is take your car for a drive or go for a walk by the qalat (citadel), in the malls or visit Iskan to realize that it is a festive reason.
Kurdistan decorated for Christmas and New Year. Pic by H.S.

Young people are celebrating this year more than the past six years I have been year. It seems like year after year the Christmas and New Year spirit is becoming more vibrant. The biggest Christmas tree was put up in Ankawa, advertisements for parties and concerts are everywhere. Most of them are clearly labeled they are family events, which encourage women and men to take part together. Although don’t be surprised to hear elderly people complain that the years are passing so quickly and they’re getting older. 

Babylon Christmas & New Year festival, Pic by S.E

One of the most traditional ways to celebrate New Year is for the relatives and close friends to all gather in one house and stay up till midnight. Otherwise people walk on the main streets and take part in mass celebrations, usually Fire Works light the sky as the clock strikes 12. Oh yes! And how can I forget the text messages. It is one of those days of the year where you feel special that everyone is remembering you. Basically what you do, you forward the best text you have about New Year to all your contacts! (Just make sure it doesn’t include names)

Ainkawa entrance (Your neck needs some exercise. Rotating a picture is a PROBLEM)
While you’re out make sure you have a warm Shelm sold on the streets everywhere!
I have got to go. It is a big day today. We’re taking the kids at the orphanage to Family Fun. I promise to blog about it next year. 
Entrance to Minaret Park in Erbil

Almost every corner is decorated.
From and the best city in the world I wish you a year full of happiness and success. A year where you will work hard to achieve all that you want to achieve, beyond all I wish you good health. For 2013: Believe. Dream. Achieve.
Until next year xwa hafiz
Pictures taken from Facebook pages of Huda, Suhaib & Ruwayda – thanks. One was taken by me, I am sure you can guess which one! 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Erbil is Joyful – 2013 Welcome!

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  1. Better late than never – Happy new year (still is new enough…).

    I wish i could see all this decorations, but anyway – Hewler is decorated by the millions of little lights all year through, so even in march i will still enjoy it!


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