My Days in the Domiz Refugee Camp

Dearest, most loyal Blog Reader,For this week I am joining forces with with a former colleague of mine working with youth in the Domiz Refugee Camp just outside Duhok. I can go on to write pages and pages, although I have decided to share with you a few of the pictures I have taken so far.

Kids playing… no toys!
Three friends…
The neighborhood

The youth are individually selected to go through this training. Hence, the forty people that I am working with during this time may not reflect the values, attitudes, or personalities of the thousands of others in the camp. I know, and I realize they are unique. The aim is to give them the skills necessary to  initiate projects and motivate other youth in the camp.

Humble water fountain at a restaurant in Domiz
Fixing TV

Above: A man with a little shop, had four children, fixes TVs in the camp.

Everyone – old and young – try to work.
and I meet a family…

And here, I visited one of the tents belonging to the family of one of the participants in our training. One tent, more than five adults, a bathroom, kitchen and toilet. This is really good compared to new comers who only have a tent. This family has been in Domiz for about a year and three months.  Their house in Syria is destroyed.

Roof of tent

“My husband has cancer, he is in the tent looking after the children and I try to work so we can live. My wish right now is to be able to cure his illness and take my kids out of the camp.” Said one of the women I spoke to.

Domiz Refugee camp

Despite the fact that the Domiz refugee camp is better than all the camps in neighboring countries (since the refugees are given full and legitimate right to leave the premise of the camp and find jobs outside) its inhabitants still dream of leaving.

‘Luck’ families who are not in tents.
Our training sessions in UNFPA caravans

I found it frustrating that most of the youth who are not working outside the camp are literally spending their days doing nothing. It was even more frustrating when I saw what great personalities there were.

My view everyday!

Until tomorrow good night for now….

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