Shanadar Gallery

An i-ERBIL specialHelloooo Most Loyal Blog Reader,

I know, I know. Long time no see. My excuse? Hungry. Let’s be fair you feel as though this city closes down during the month of Ramadan, particularly in July (we reached a lovely 50 degrees!). I find it weird how you call someone at 3 pm and they’re asleep. Yes, people sleep during the day and stay awake all night–of course the exceptions are people like myself. They call us mrishk*. This reminds me I should write about nightlife in Erbil. I promise I will.

Erbil night life for families


Are you asking what to do and where to go in Erbil? A few days ago I took some relatives to Shanadar Park, and I must admit one of my favorite places is definitely the Shanadar Cave. If you haven’t been… GO!! Now. Tonight.

Location: Opposite the Ice Skating, you can go there from the 30 Meter or the 60 Meter avenue. Right opposite Minaret Park.

It is one of those places where you can do a few things, so it can serve the taste of different individuals. There are a few nice seating areas where you can have a drink (I mean chai –tea– juices and other soft drinks, non-acoholic) some ice cream and gather with a few friends well into the evening. I think they also have fast food though I have never tried it. My little hint for you is have a seat by the fountain, you will love it! (if it is turned on)

Seating/ food area – enjoyable place in Erbil

The Shanadar Cave  is in the Zagros Mountains, however, a ‘fake’ version is in the heart of Hawler (Erbil) the beauty of the cave in Erbil is that the inside is turned into a gallery, almost like a tourist-souvenir place. I love it, because it supports local artists and it becomes a place for their art work to be seen and purchased.

Outside Shanidar Cave in Erbil

You can get post cards, little bits and pieces with the Kurdish flag, key rings etc. if you are a traveling you might want to pass by since they do sell some handmade souvenirs as well (postcards just under 50 cents, key rings around $3).

Kurdish souvenirs, handmade

I really love the atmosphere inside the cave, and the idea of turning a cave into a gallery. You can actually go on top of it as well, the view from there is reallllyyyy nice. Hang in there, I have pictures!! (Loyal blogger. Don’t thank me)^

Inside the Shanidar (or Shanadar) gallery in Erbil – Kurdistan
Shanadar Cave – gallery

Let me show off a little bit. My good friend A. R. has an amazing piece there, if you are interested to have a look or even better purchase it. It highlights a strong story of the struggle of women.

A.R. ‘s painting!

Make sure you take the stairs outside, by the waterfall, and climb the top of the cave, where is a nice view and a seating area too. A rather calm atmosphere!

Top of the gallery
Shanadar park at night – Erbil
I am not sure if you can see it or not, in the picture below you can see the little cable cars (or teleferique) it costs around $3 per person for about a 10-15 minute ride (can’t remember) it takes you from the Shanadar Park to the Minaret Park! Try it.
Love this area
The down side: In places like this I wouldn’t normally frown, but there seem to be groups of guys walking around — who have nothing to do — so it is best if you’re a girl to go with someone for your own comfort.

So go to Shanadar Park, enjoy your time and let me know what you think of it.

Sometimes in a small city that is just growing and developing we have no choice but to find amusement in the simplest of things!

Until next time
Khwa Hafiz

* Kurdish word for chicken. 
^ I progressed from a BlackBerry to a Samsung S4 (I think I got that right) thanks to S.K. so I would like to think my pictures are a better quality. Lazy blogger who needs to learn to use a professional camera soon.

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