Help! I want a job in Kurdistan!!

Hello Loyal Blog Reader,A few of you have asked me about where to start looking for jobs in Kurdistan. Some of you are abroad and want to come back here, but you do not know enough people or places to start a job, and therefore a life. So, I have come to the rescue (love me? Right?!)

Before I give you links of different places you can pass by (I mean click to) for some job vacancies in the Region you will probably ask this: What gets paid most?

First, something that I was very excited about mid last year (I almost mid ‘earlier this year’) was the Kurdistan Works initiative of the KRG’s Prime Minister, I must admit we do have an awesome PM.
Right now, the Kurdistan Works website – you can access it by clicking HERE has over 1000 job vacancies in the region. So, yes, I would give that a try!

Kurdistan Works website

If I remember correctly, a young man runs Kodo Jobs all voluntarily,  you can visit the website HERE and the twitter account HERE (I might be completely wrong about the first bit of this, but I do know for sure that their are vacancies there that you can checkout).

The next stop would most likely be MSelect, they are a very popular recruitment company in Kurdistan, very friendly staff and a good go to station for sure. In case you can’t read the details below, their website is

MSelect information for jobs in Kurdistan

You must also try Erbil ManPower ( their info is below, you can also visit their Facebook page here. I also know they have a job fair every now and then, which is a great link between companies and job seekers.

Erbil Manpower – seeking jobs in Erbil?

Jobs in Kurdistan should also be a place to visit. Here is their Facebook page here

Drop by to the Jobs in Kurdistan website for options for jobs

Hope this helps, drop me an email if you have further questions,
for now good luck with your visit to Kurdistan,
you might find that you will change a few jobs until you settle at something you LOVE!

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