Grumpy Four: B to B Breakfast

So, on the last Friday before Ramadan the Grumpy Four and I decided for a family breakfast out. First option that came to mind was B to BNow, before you read this review please know that B to B (breakfast to breakfast) is still one of my favorite places to eat in Erbil and it’s one of my only to go delivery places in Erbil. Their food is TASTY! But this was just… an unlucky day perhaps?

Near Italian Village on the 100 meter street, Erbil

We went to the family section of B to B- that itself is divided into two different sections: Smokers and non-smokers. Hence, ideal for everyone and I loved that! I don’t go to many restaurants in Erbil only because I suffocate from the smoke of cigarettes  and Argila (nargila, or shisha, whatever it’s called) 

it was clean, tidy, but as Dani and Sahand pointed out the “lighting is so fa3o” – basically, they did not like the lighting. The tables and chairs however are distributed in such a way where you feel you have privacy and enough to room to have a conversation without the table next to you hearing everything.

B to B restaurant, family section

Here is what we ordered
Acke: No order (he had a tummy ache)
Dani: Breakfast Plate
Mirkhan: English breakfast

Sahand: Club Sandwhich and Cheese Mana’eesh
Saza: Egg plate! (and this was literally just a plate with two plane eggs)

Here are the grumpy four and their ranking out of 10 for their breakfast

Service: “Zefata” 0
Food: Acke didn’t order anything

Service: 1
Food: 1
“Salad was dry, definitely not fresh. The olives were bad, orange juice was good.” 

Service: 0 He almost fought with one of the staff
Food: 2 “But I give the Shisha 6/10” Note: No one else has Shisha

Service: 3
Food: 3

The Bill: 80, 000 ID (around 70 USD)  We all agreed it was not worth it at all. I guess for us there is no more breakfast at Breakfast to Breakfast.

Catch up with us next time as the Grumpy Four go Out and About!

*Please note that this is a review of a single breakfast we had there, and does not mean the entire restaurant is poorly rated, as we love the food B to B provides for its main meals. 

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