Help Yezidi families

Yezidi families fleeing their homes for safety

Our Yezidi brothers and sisters are being killed by the ISIS in Shangal. Are you just going to sit behind your laptops and just watch this happen? What if it was your family? Would you still just sit and watch?

The situation has reached a point where ISIS is beheading the Yezidis, children in the mountains have died of starvation and everyone is on the run fleeing their area, while our Peshmerga are fighting the ISIS.

From here I kindly ask from you and beg you to help in the following ways:
In your own circle of family and friends collect donations (even if it’s 1000 dinars per person), contact me, I will come and collect it off you. This will be spent on Thursday for needed goods (food  and water in particular) for the Yezidi families who have fled, it will be delivered by the Dilvia for charity _دلفيا الخيريه youth this Friday.

The Dilvia donations campaign (click to enlarge)

 Paper work is in place to place a Dilvia* donations box and booth outside Shanadar park within the next day this will also collect donations. Meanwhile, today at 5 pm a blood donation campaign will take place in the Blood Bank in Erbil (behind Rzgari hospital) The blood donations will be for our beloved peshmerga fighters facing ‪#‎ISIS‬  Feel free to call 07501871770 for more information and make your way there today after 5!

Peshmerga tanks heading for the frontlines. Photo:  from Rudaw

You can also take part in an amazing appeal by KurdSat follow the #WeAreAllShangal hashtag on Twitter for more information and venue for donation.

Live Tv coverage of the KurdSat campaign picture from @Lawwwen

Day! Yala! Come one! Stand up for Kurdistan! Please. Please. Please. Kids are dying, another genocide is taking place.


To donate please call or inbox me and I will collect it the amount you have collect from you.
You can also contact Berivan Ibrahim Akraye and Deelan Dakhil for the Dilvia activities supporting our beloved Yezidi families. You can contact Dilvia Charity on this number 0750 853 1717 or the ones on the poster above.

One final point. I will leave you with a picture, and let it speak for itself – My friend Ashna had reposted this picture on Twitter with the following caption:

:How u treat ur prisoners in war shows ur morality & character.Here Kurds w/ an ISIS prisoner.

Sending you peace and love no matter where you are in the world


(* Dilvia is a charity organization run by a group of youth in Erbil. 100% of your donations will go directly towards the cause. All members are volunteers and they pay membership fees to keep the organization running. So not a cent of your money will be used for administration purposes)

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  1. I am in the UK and want to help the Yezidis. Please advise the best way to donate.

    (I have enabled the “email follow up comments to my email address” optiuon so I will see your reply)


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