I wish…

Dearest Loyal Blog Reader,I have been trying to put myself together and write about the recent catastrophes for a while now.

Yazidi families escaping

I wish I was a poet so that my words can put themselves together and write themselves powerfully to tell the world what my feelings are for my nation…

I wish I was a singer, so with my beautiful voice I can depict the pain and suffering of my people to millions of people around the world…

I wish I was a philosopher so that I can put all that is happening together, make it a complicated book and let people after me analyze it, quote it in their essays in colleges. It will be a reminder of what happened to my nation..

The Yazidi pain is my pain too

I wish I was a a powerful politician who can make grand decisions in favor of Kurds (not sure how seriously I wish to be a politician but you get the point)…

How about if I were a professional journalist? I would go on field and document all that is taking place for the world to see…

I wish I was a smart lawyer, so that I can help some of these people free of charge…

I wish I was a doctor so that I can at least heal the physical wounds of children, women, men and the elderly…

Vian Dakhil, a Yazidi, speaking in the Iraqi Parliament

I am none of the above. I am just a girl who can feel the pain of every person on this land… I am just the girl next door who happens to have a blog and tweet every now and then. I am just someone who collects from those who have and gives it to those who don’t.

Why? Only because of who they are….

If you, my loyal reader, knew the painful stories of the people on my land, you too, will help. Please say you will.

(I wrote this on the night of August 20th, when I could’t fall asleep)


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