The Agha Burger!

Hellloooo to the most Loyal Blog Reader in the world,So, we meet once again!

This week’s Out & About Reviews is brought to you from the beautiful cultural capital of Kurdistan, the city of Sulaimaniya, or as I like to spell it, Slemani.

Agha Restaurant in Sulaimaniya (Slemani), Kurdistan

Before my first visit to Chavy Land I was “not so hungry” but peer pressured by the Partner and a friend of mine, R.B., to have a meal. Why not I thought to myself. Now, the exact location of this I can’t give to you, because I really can’t remember, but it was only a few minutes drive away from Slemani Palace hotel. In fact, if I am not wrong it was on that same road just after the bridge! Yes. I do remember where, Jaday Saholaka but towards the very end (Yes? No? Maybe…?! hmmm not too sure now) Anyhowwwww….

The little restaurant was called Agha. The seating is outside on the main road. It was early evening when we passed by so the beautiful Slemani breeze, the little chaotic (but definitely not annoying) main street made the meal a perrrrrrrrrrrfect one.

When S.K. asked what I wanted to eat,  I said bring me anything, and I never thought anything will be this little not-so-little mouth watering burger.

Agha burger in Sulaimaniya/ Slemani

If you pass by let me know what you thought of it.

Until next time
Love from My Nest…
in Kurdistan


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