Online shopping in Kurdistan

Hellooo Loyal Blog Reader,A while back whatever we wanted from abroad we had to wait for a friend to travel or for someone from Europe to come back to Kurdistan to bring it for us. Then we had to think of how much it weighed and face embarrassment of possible rejection.

Bye bye those days. Two new companies in Kurdistan are now making it possible for you to buy things from Ebay, Amazon and get it delivered to your door step.

Here is how.

1. Boomana, the Kurdish word meaning for us is based in Sofy mall, their Facebook page can be found here basically you can purchase a card anywhere between $25 to  $500 buy anything online and it will be delivered to you. I have used this service myself and recommend it. Took two weeks and my things  got delivered to the door, other times you can pick it up from their office in Erbil.

Ship things from Amazon all the way to Erbil

The boomana website is

Boombeene (bom bena) online shopping to Kurdistan

2. a popular one with some of my friends is Boombeene (prounounded bom bena) meaning bring it for me have an office in Vital, Erbil. It is the same process, you buy a card, sign up, shop and wait for your delivery. Those who have used this service speak highly of it. Of course both websites take their own commission on individual items, you can see how much they take and agree to make the purchase or refuse it… all in the comfort of your own home. Visit the boombene website here.

Boombeene Facebook page click here

So, my dearest reader long gone are the days where you beg a relative to bring back something for you or wait months till someone visits Kurdistan to bring for you that something special. It’s a few clicks away, shipping and online shopping is made much easier now with companies such as these.

Have a great weekend,
don’t shop too much 😀

Love from
My Nest in Kurdistan


This blog post is not sponsored nor is it advertisement. I received various emails asking about shipping, I thought this might be helpful. 

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