Top 5 cake shops in Erbil

Helllooooo Loyal Readers!Searching for a birthday cake in Erbil? That peeerrrrfect cake for that perfect someone, for that very special occasion? Something personalized? A wedding, birthday, New Year, Christmas, graduation or just a gathering, well for the two who asked me via email, this is a special post just for you!

Cake shops in Erbil – This is by Sekercake

1. Sekercake: Aaaah. The number of Manchester United cakes I have ordered from here! You can see pictures of their work on the Facebook page. The two ladies working in Sekercake – Erbil never disappoint. Previously the shop was after Majidi Mall on Kasnazan road, but they’ve moved to 40 m road if I am not mistaken. Phone them: 0750 850 0201

2. Almond: For Almond- Erbil’s Facebook page click here. They are based on Bakhtiary road, contact them on: 0750 777 7408

3.  Chocolate House and Kookh: Both are located in Ankawa. I couldn’t find their numbers or Facebook page.

Cake by Sekercake – Erbil shop

4. Ashtar: Facebook page here. Ashtar is located on the 40m road right before Martyr Sa’ad Palace and Martyr Sami AbdulRahman Park. The numbers placed on the Facebook page are: 00964-662576667 00964-7504246667

5. Abu Afif: Their website can be found here. There are two branches one on 60m road and another on the way to Ankawa. Call them on 0770 000 5551. Abu Afif make amazing sweets, but I just never liked their cakes!

Football theme cake, also made by Sekercake- Erbil

These are just my personal rankings and only for cakes, if it was for sweets then it will be completely different ordering. Sekercake has never disappointed me in the beautiful cake and cupcake designs, hence a well deserved first place. Would give it an award if I could.

I hope this answers your query. Let me know if I have missed any other great cake places 🙂

Lots of love from
My Nest in Kurdistan


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  1. Thanks Saz for this. I have only been to Ashtar and Abuafif but never liked any of the two will try the other options you mentioned. Keep up the good insights!


  2. have friends and familly they even wish to order there cake in baghdad… the two sisters are to sweet to deal with .. They are really two artist not just sweet makers .. They always shocked me when I receive my order from them bcs I couldn't image a normal hand can do something like this .. Wish u all the best sekercake .


  3. Hey Saz, long time no comment!

    While cakes are exciting, I'm more interested in hotels at the moment, because…. I'm coming to Kurdistan!

    Sadly, it's only a short trip, and I will mostly be in Suly, but I've been there before and haven't been to Erbil, so I'm going to try to get there for a few days. I will scour your previous posts about things to do, but wondered if you had any cheapish hotel advice. Merci Hotel seems ok – any thoughts?

    Lastly, and most crazily, I wonder if I could have dinner or something with you and your husband? I'll probably arrive in Erbil on the 11th of October and leave early afternoon on the 14th. If you're interested, flick me an email to . No pressure if you can't or don't want to – but I'd be delighted to actually meet you and chat.

    You don't need to publish this comment if you don't want to 🙂


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