Dear little boy

little Kurdish boy struggles to protect his two canary birds at Turkey border – MiddleEastEye
Dear little boy,
I wish they were all like you,
I wish they cared for one another as much as you care for your two birds,
I wish they had a soul as loving as yours,
I wish they had a mind as thoughtful as yours,
I wish I can build a huge cage for your canaries in the garden of your own home in Kobane,
I wish they can fly freely inside,
I wish you can come back everyday after school and see them,
feed them,
look after them,
I wish to see them fly freely, just as I wish to see you be free of pains
Little Boy, I wish everyone’s heart was like yours,
filled with love, affection and care
I wish us humans loved one another as much as you love your animals,
I wish we treated one another the way your treat your pets,
Innocent little boy,
I wish you grow up in a time and place where humanity matters
where kids like yourself are well looked after,
I wish I knew till when you and your canaries will be homeless,
I wish I knew when you will both fly back to your home
I wish I saw your smile when you receive the first bottle of water
I wish I saw you as you empty it out for your canaries to drink,
then you will drink what’s left…

I wish I could help you protect your canaries from the winter coldness
that is to come very soon,

If only we were all like you.
If only I can do something for you.

Please support and #SaveKobane from ISIS.


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