Hardees came to Kurdistan

Dear Loyal Blog Readers,
I think I am becoming a foodie, a trait that I never had but seem to have picked up very well recently I’m having cravings for different foods and finally ordering something other than the plain brinch w shla (basically rice and stew).
Hardees – Erbil
If you’re in Erbil, every now and then you drive past that very nice building and you hear rumours of what it will be. I had the same thought about the above building in Bakhtiary* for a very long time. Rumours were true. Hardees came to Erbil. And it was it is talk of the town!
I had never had Hardees before, so I didn’t know what all the fuss was about. Being a Kurd you have that urge to go and see what all the fuss is about. The entire world was checking in on Facebook.
 Oh dear. I think my weight gain story will finally begin. I must admit the service in this place is unbelievable. The staff are the friendliest I have seen in any restaurant in Erbil and the food, aaaah the food. It’s amazingggg. The type of amazing where as you eat you don’t feel you’re getting filled, but once nothing is left on your tray you feel bad for gobbling down so much.
When fast food came to Kurdistan
 The atmosphere reminds me of any typical fast food chain around the world, McDonalds type of design, a nice outdoor seating area outside and Pepsi refills too.
Pepsi with refills, I think Pizza Hut was first to introduce this scheme here?
I am against feeding our kids junk food and one of the main reasons we were still slim without having any sports routine in our daily life was because places like these never existed in Kurdistan. I still don’t know what I think of it. Considering local people’s salaries I also thought it was a little over priced as well, then again, most of the shops and restaurants now days in Erbil have sparkly prices.
Thank you. Come again.
Service. This place has exceptional service and staff that SMILE. Hopefully others will learn. Most of  employees I saw appeared foreigners and some refugees too. Maybe soon local Kurds can be taught and employed too. I hope.
So, if you’re around in Erbil, feeling like a doze of junk food, Hardees is G. G. Goood. Oh and did you hear the recent rumours? The building next door is going to be Fridays. And so I am told.
Until next time
Lots of love from
My Nest in Kurdistan

*Hardees is located behind the Gulan tower, the big Abu Shahab intersect on the way to Ankawa on Gulan street. Opening hours 12 mid-day to 1 am.

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