From Erbil to Notting Hill

Dear Loyal Blog Readers,
I love anything that allows young Kurdish woman to be part of activities and events. In particular reading; something very lousy in my part of the world (don’t get me started on the bit where we don’t even have proper book shops, you know the Waterstones type, nor a decent local library. Anyyyhow).
This is where Poppy comes in, bringing her book club to Kurdistan, Erbil.
Poppy Loves Book Club
Two nights back I was online in one of the book club gatherings in Notting Hill, it was a tiny bit past my bedtime (you know, time difference) but I loved listening and watching how they run their book clubs! And it was amazing meeting the lovely group. Lots of ideas for when we meet here.
Me, late night on Skype with the girls
Photo: SK
Don’t you just love how woman- young and older- come together once a month, some don’t even know one another to exchange ideas and views on a book they have all read. There is a lot to benefit from this process. And as I learned lots of laughter too. So it’s an enjoyable time and something to look forward to.
Lovely girls at Notting Hill
Photo: Poppy
I love how we can come together despite our background, country we live in, religion we practice and just share ideas and views.
Thanks Poppy for giving me the opportunity and sending over books for us to enjoy.
Now, I shall go and continue my Friday morning ritual. Cleaning.
Lots of love from
My Nest in Kurdistan

2 thoughts on “From Erbil to Notting Hill

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  1. Hey Sazan xan! I am a 18 year old girl that lives in Sweden. I have to make a really big decision soon: I have to chose what I want to become in the future. I am almost 100% sure that I want to become a doctor. I have really high grades but unfortunately not straight A:s. In Sweden you have to have A in every subject, even in gymnastics, to get in to medical school. That that is almost impossible.

    I wonder if it is possible for me to return back to Kurdistan and study medical school there? Do I have to have straight A:s, do you know someone whom has returned to Kurdistan to study medical school? Is it in English or Kurdish? I would be really grateful if you could at least try to answer my questions.

    love and huges from a loyal blog reader <3


  2. Dear Anonymous,
    First of all well done! and never give up to reach your dreams, and even if you don't have straight As, still very proud of you.
    Secondly, I will look through my emails and see if I can find my communication with someone a few years back who left a country in the West and started medical school here in Kurdistan. If I do, I will forward it to you- perhaps you can write me your email address?
    As for medical school, here, also, requires a good 98% or 99% in grade 12 finals. However, good news for you is that the University of Kurdistan- Hewler, an English medium university has just launched a medical school section. You might want to look into that. This year they will take the first set of students, according to my understanding!

    all the best



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