Hello November

Dearest Loyal Blog Reader,
WOW! November already? 
In part of the world, here in Kurdistan, October has been a month filled with  tears. Tears, because our men and women in uniform are fighting monsters (ISIS) to keep our land safe.. mothers said good bye to their children in the hope they will see them again, some come back safe and sound, and others return in coffins. The harsh reality that leaves a wound in all our hearts. Meanwhile thousands have fled their homes in Kobane, and still refugees and IDPs living under tents this winter.
Let’s hope for a great November, 2014
Photo: Me, today
My visit to the refugee and IDP camps constantly remind me how blessed I am for everything and everyone in my life. I can only hope and pray for the best. 
This November I hope to:
1.  Get some sport in my life in addition to continuing the Yoga (blog post coming on that very soon. I promise. Baxwa!) I have started. 
2. Improve my photography techniques so I can treat you Loyal Blog Readers with some good quality pictures that are nice to look at it. 
I am also super doooper excited for our very first book club meeting on 26th of November. 
Then there is two special birthdays and my parents’ wedding anniversary which is of course one of the most special days in the year. The union of two of the greatest people in my life, so I have a reason to celebrate! 
I hope I can spend my November nights by the window writing away, and I wouldn’t mind few walks under the rain 😉 
Lots of love from
My Nest in Kurdistan

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