#BuyAblanket this winter for those who have fled the warmth of their homes

Dear Loyal Blog Readers,
Here, I am sharing a message from my friends at RISE Foundation. Please read, reach out and help.
Buy a blanket campaign by RISE foundation
Winter is coming to Kurdistan, Iraq, where 1.2 million people have been displaced this year by the consequences of the war. A real war. Real people. One province of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Dohuk, hosts more than 820,000 displaced people.
A lot of good work is happening, but the response is being overwhelmed by the sheer number of people seeking help.
We are working very hard to provide blankets to those families who will suffer hardest from the cold. To this end, we are about to launch an online campaign. Every £7/$10 USD you give will provide a high quality blanket to a family in need.
Campaign to #BuyABlanket for IDP/ refugees
Rise Foundation has a small team of international staff, working alongside local volunteers and on-site coordinators. We favour a hands on, field based approach wherever possible, allowing us to respond quickly and appropriately to problems as they develop.
How can you help?
1. We ask for you to help us share this on your social networks both Facebook and Twitter:
#winteriscoming, 1.2 million people need your help. For $10 @RiseFound can deliver a blanket to a displaced family in need #buyablanket
2. Donate on the Rise Foundation website
3. Tell your friends and family.
Thanks to Tom at RISE
You can follow RISE foundation on the their Twitter, Facebook and website.
You can donate to #BuyAblanket by few mouse clicks right here
Lots of love from
My Nest in Kurdistan,
If you are running a campaign, trying to assist people or doing any project voluntarily don’t hesitate to email me to feature you on the blog.

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