A day… in my life

Dear Blog Loyal Blog Readers,Have I ever mentioned how much I love you all?

Photo: Olivia Steele

I had a few lovely emails in my inbox from a few of you who read the blog regularly. To address one of the comments, yes, I will create a website and post a lot of different updates. Just bare with me, those of you who have read Mandalawi.blogpsot over the years would have probably realized by now I am not the best of friends with technology. Sadly.

I wanted to do a day in my life (Recap and Rewind) every now and then, just to give a feel of how young (25 next month, I guess I can still call myself young! Yes? No?) Kurdish girls spend their day-to-day life here and also for me to look back on when I have grey hairs and have grandchildren sitting on my lap.

I was at a meeting (6-hours, so it was more like a workshop), we were planning how to improve the situation of young boys and girls in rehabilitation centers (doesn’t sound familiar to you right? How about the prisons? Aha! You knew that didn’t you?). This reminded me of the research I did with women in prison. I genuinely hope we can do something to make them positive individuals within their society once they leave the centers, yup, I refuse to call it prison.

Something that I am excited about is that me and a friend might actually train some of the youth that have been ‘sentenced’ and acquaint them with the peer education program. Nothing confirmed, but very exiting! Having said this I learned a lot about the situation of our rehabilitations for youth in particular, while staff have a lot of training, still we lack in spaces and organized systematic way of working.

So, that was my day yesterday! Oh yes, and the beautiful Huda joined me for a quick shopping in Rhein Mall. Don’t you feel the days go pass so fast? Or is it just me?

One last note, if you would like to guest blog then just drop me an email, would love to have more Kurdish girls here!

Until next time lots of love from
My Nest in Kurdistan




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