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Dear Loyal Blog Reader,
Imagine, sugar and cake? I know, emmm emmm. Then imagine this: That perfect cake with your favorite character, your lover’s favorite football team or even the cover of your favorite book. Then you can eat it all. Two sisters in Erbil, Ozlem and Cigdam, make that possible with lots of time, love and precision.
Cigdam (left) and Ozlem (right)
One an architect, another a food engineer* (clearly, engineering isn’t as sweet of a job). These sisters have started a small business in Erbil that is growing fast. It started exactly a year ago in a small shop in Kasnazan, they have now moved to Italian Village in Erbil, here they talk, laugh and with lots of patience make cakes people request. No advertising, no fancy banners, just word of mouth and all orders are taken from their Facebook page.
If you are surprised about how great my blog pictures are
special thanks to the little brother who I dragged along
“I like this job more than architecture, it’s a form therapy,” tells me the cofounder of a architectural company in Erbil, as she uses stencils to create a little yellow duck for the cake.

I loved watching the sisters talk and giggle as they made the request to a Facebook order, with the iPad at hand to see the pictures the customer had sent through. This time it’s a cartoon character. 
Oziem, the former food engineer, did her courses in Turkey and Holland for Sugar Art, the name of that course makes me bounce off my chair. Sign me up please! With her brief English she tells me: “I like my job, people happy, we are happy.” Yup, no customer walks out disappointed after ordering their cupcakes or cake.
With their massive, yet humble success, these two sisters say it was never expected one year ago that their cakes would go such a long way. Hence, they have the idea to open a mini boutique like cafe/ cake shop and if there are any women or girls who are interested Oziem might just be kind enough to offer courses in sugar art… right here, in Erbil. 
Cake icing fresh and ready
Want to know a little secret? in that room, as I was talking to the lovely ladies I felt like a child who wanted to dip her index finger in everything then lick it off. Don’t worry. I didn’t. Who wouldn’t want to dip their finger in that blended cake icing! (Above)
Sazan might just be in heaven. Top left, was sooooo good. Something like
Chocolate coated custard in pastry?
Usually for an order that has lots of decorating and art involved the ladies start 48 hours before hand.  Never thought a little cupcake can be such hard work to make.
Sekercake – Erbil
A cake in the making
This was the weekend that I learned all about fondant icing, and met two super sweet ladies who make the best sweets I have tasted so far.
Everything is made with love
I was eager to ask about why they called their little business Sekercake, the reply? Well, everyone likes cake, and people like sugar, so why not sugar and cake together, hence, Sekercake. And that, my dear Loyal Blog Reader, made perfect sense to me.
The lovely ladies at Sekercake preparing for an order in the afternoon
I loved spending time with both lovely ladies, they were super doooper nice, it was clear they loved what they do, despite the lack of a common language between us, they wouldn’t stop smiling and trying to explain things to me (I always need explaining).
You can contact the ladies at Sekercake on 0750 850 0201. To make an order just inbox them on Facebook with a picture of what you want, or give them a call.
You can visit their Facebook,  Twitter, or you can see some pictures of their work here (If you see anything Manchester United, it’s my order).
Mention this blog or the iErbil Facebook page and the ladies will give you a sweet discount with your next order. I promise.
Until next time I find you something just as sweet
Lots of love from
My Nest in Kurdistan
*Food engineer – I Put a link to Wikipedia, in case there are some Loyal Readers, like myself, who went “huh?” when they read that. How cool.
What do you do? 
I’m a food engineer! 
If you have something special I would love to come and see, just drop me an email

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