An orphanage for Yezidi children

Loyal Blog Readers, the kind hearted ones on the WWW
I have always admired and looked up to young people who try to create something in their world. I have never met this young girl, but have heard enough about her to tell you all about a special project which you can help in making possible. It’s a new foundation called Free Yezidi, the founder is Pari Ibrahim, the mission is to create an orphanage for Yezidi children who lost their family during the ISIS attack on Sinjar.
Yezidi orphans, in need of an orphanage and post trauma center, urgently
Photo: Free Yezidi
Already Pari has a list of 130 Yezidi orphans. She is on a mission to create an orphanage and a post trauma Center for Yezidis. This will be located in Duhok, the team of volunteers need $200, 000 USD to make this possible. Compared to the hundreds and thousands of dollars that go towards fancy cars, clothes and handbags, this is a little amount that will change a number children’s lives for ever and ever and ever (aaahhh if only someone famous or a company manager was reading this humble blog of mine).
Even so, loyal blog readers if 100, 000 of us donated $2 each, we can secure a future for all the children who became victims of the ISIS attack, destroying their homes and killing their mothers, fathers and kidnapping their other siblings.
Please follow the initiatives of the Free Yezidi foundation on their website:
Follow them on Twitter:
And like them on their Facebook page:
You can also donate by clicking right here!
Let’s give these children a home in which they can feel loved, have a home to sleep in, and opportunities to go to school and live their life…
Lots of love from My Nest in Kurdistan


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  1. Hi Sazan xan,
    Do you collect donations for the poor to help them through Ramadan and Eid? If so, how can I please donate directly to you to pass it on to the people in need? Thanks


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