November book club

Dearest Loyal Blog Readers,
This post comes a good week late. Sorry. But hey, we had our first Poppy Loves Book Club meeting in Kurdistan – Erbil, The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman was the title and what a discussion we had! We laughed. A. Lot. but some of the comments and thoughts brought out from the book were deep and raised many questions and discussions amongst us. and you know, Saza loves discussions.
First Poppy Loves book club meeting Moka and More-  Erbil, Kurdistan Region. Iraq
Have I mentioned the cupcakes yet? Farah and Frishta had made themed cupcakes for all of us! How amazing is that? Got us all in the spirit of the book. So much fun. I just wanted to stare at it, didn’t want to ruin any by eating them. I know. Crazy.
 To be completely honest I never thought or even imagined the turnout will be this big, nor did I have in mind how deep the discussions will be. Most of these girls hadn’t met one another before, they are different in backgrounds and probably have different beliefs and values as well. But here, in Erbil we got together, made friends, enjoyed our evening and spoke on something we had all read. I realized as different as we were, there were also different thoughts made about the book, to the extent that I wanted to re-read it. I found it amazing how a single book, same words, same everything, generated so much different interpretations. I was also reminded how great and opinionated our girls are over here.


How I love these girls
The fact that so many girls around the world, including Kurdistan, can read the same book at the same time then discuss it and answer questions related to it in their own way is healthy, enjoyable and yup! Gives us something to look forward to at the end of the month. I secretly looked at the girls and saw how well they got along, and enjoyed eachother’s company. No one was judged, hurt or felt left out. Some ate their way through the meeting (no names there. You know who you are.) and others spoke their way through.  Having the Brimo sisters there meant guaranteed laughter.
I hope one day we can read local books and get authors based in Kurdistan to come and join us for tea/ coffee as we discuss his or her book.


Author Denis Thériault in Nottinghill and with us online
Later in the evening most of us (those who were not already snuggled up in bed) were online past midnight with the girls in Notting Hill and the author himself.


We took the opportunity to say Happy Birthday to Ashna and Juwan who celebrated their birthdays that day! As usual the talented girls at Sekercake made a wonderful cake for the occasion- istikan of chai (tea), a book and a pen, it resembled both Ashna and Juwan perfectly. They both know how inspiring and special they are to me us all.


Poppy on her toes and fingers answering all of us
As you can see above, poor Poppy must have had sore fingers filming little bits for us and responding to our questions and answers directed to Denis.. all live!
The next book club meeting will be on January 28th, 2015- 5 pm. The title  is ‘Dodger’ by James Benmore, the author will be joining the Poppy loves Book Club in Notting Hill and with us online! How exciting? The cover doesn’t appeal to me too much. You know, not my type. But I am going to get into it as from tonight.
If you’re based in Erbil we have five copies kindly sent to us by Poppy, which we share amongst ourselves. Email me and I will put you into the list, although if you have access to online purchases you can buy it, read it, then drop by at our meeting. You can also enter Poppy’s competition to win a copy in her Facebook Group she has seven copies to give away!
Don’t forget to join the Poppy Loves Book Club Facebook page and the monthly newsletter.
Until next time
lots of love from
My Nest in Kurdistan


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