25 things I have learned in 25 years

Dear loyal blog reader,

Today, I turned 25 years old. What a year it has been for me, a lot happened, a lot changed and along the way I have learned a lot. Tonight, I won’t go through the past year in my life (will do this when we’re closer to new year) but will share with you 25 things I have learned in my 25 year life. Are you ready?
Here we go.
1. The simplest thing you can do in life is be nice. Be nice to all those around you. It’s not hard.
2. Always know what you want. Believe in what you want. Be persistent to get there.
3. The key to successful, happy people is the way they deal with their tough moments. Take control of your emotions when confronted with difficult times.
4. Finding the right friend is hard. Very hard. But once you’ve found them hang on to them tight
5. Express yourself. Tell those you love that you love them.
6. Never talk bad about anyone. If you don’t have anything good to say about someone, then just don’t say anything.
7. Live knowing you will get what you deserve. No need to look at what others have, no need to compare yourself.
8. You don’t need to drive a Ferrari, live in a castle or have a designer hand bag to be respected and loved. Don’t ever be pressured into doing or having something just for the sake of society. Spend your money wisely, there are those who have no money for food. I know I probably sound like an old woman talking, sorry!
9. Set goals. Have aims. Give yourself something to work towards, something to strive for. Even if you don’t get to exactly where you want to be, still write all your goals. For today, tomorrow and ten years too.
10. Family is first. Don’t neglect the mother whose womb you were born from, or the father whose wings you grew under.
11. Practice a hobby you love. Discover within you something that makes you happy. Know what it is, do it when you need to.
12.  When you reach success never forget those who supported you, stood by you and above all believed in you.
13. Travel. When the opportunity comes whether it’s a nearby village or a country miles and miles apart
14. Look at those under you, less privileged than yourself, those that never got the opportunities that you did. Keep those in mind not to only appreciate what you have more, but because sometimes we can be the type of people who keep wanting more and more. Looking at those less privileged at a point will make us want less and less.
15. When choosing your life partner, make sure they are first your best friend.
16. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, you will always make them but learn from every mistake or wrong decision you make in your life.
17. Forgive. There is nothing more beautiful that a forgiving heart. As for those who hurt you very deep, forgive and forget. Life is too precious and short to hold grudges against people.
18. Be honest, be yourself. No need to be someone else, no need to change yourself for anyone. If you want someone to love you, they better love you for who you are.
19. Breathe in, breathe out. Anger won’t solve anything. No need to raise your voice at anyone or anything.
20.    A happy person is he who makes others happy. Trust me on this one! No need to be selfish about everything, give people chances, give them opportunities, applaud their successes. Their success is not your failure.
21. Listen to people. Listen to people’s pains, listen to their heart pouring out, listen to their laughter, listen to them cry on your shoulder.
22. A book is the best gift you can give or receive from anyone.
23. Always make time to socialize, to sit face to face in front of people without it being work related.
24. Don’t judge people. Don’t judge the snobbish girl, the angry man, or even the prostitute. I learned this lesson as I trained youth to be Peer Educators. I have come to believe every person is influenced by factors or experiences in their lives.
25. Support a football team. Says my husband.   APPRECIATE. Appreciate all that you have, and all those around you.
Until next time
Lots of love from
My Nest in Kurdistan

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