Moka & and a little bit More in Erbil

Dearest loyal blog readers,I love something old, something traditional, something full of culture and oh how I love drinking my tea at Mam Khalil’s teahouse in the heart of Erbil’s Qaysari Bazaar.

Saza, wake up from the dream! as much as  I would love to be there everyday it’s a once in a blue moon visit because some men’s eyes pop out seeing a lady at a teahouse. Then there is that mind boggling question where-do-I-park-my-car-without-leaving-the-keys?! (Yup. we leave the cars unlocked, and the keys inside when parking in most all tiny parking lots in this beautiful city of mine). I still haven’t mentioned the traffic and the time constraints and, and, and… so the easier alternative is a perfect café / restaurant where you can feel super comfortable, and happy all the while you fill your fussy appetites.

Beautiful Shan caught reading at Moka&More Erbil

This is where Moka&More comes in. I had planned to visit after hearing super great feedback from a family friend who is there with his family almost every evening. Not much parking issues, very pretty décor, and the section upstairs is perfect if you’re not interested in those other cafes where you are surrounded by testosterone levels that blow the ceiling off.

Moka&More – Erbil

If you have been following our #PoppyLovesBookClub gathering we did our first meet up at Moka &More and since then many of the girls have been visiting again and again. The service is amazing. When I say amazing I mean it. Just Imagine 18 girls, each picky in her one ways, yet we all left happy as can be. The food presentation is mouth watering, and S.K. tells me they have one of the best burgers in town.

As for me, I always drink the last drop of my cappuccino there. So, the next time you want to spend time alone or with friends and you’re asking chi bkayn (not that we ever ask this in Erbil, cough* cough*) drop by and let me know what you thought.

By the way watching football there is a lot of fun too; After all Moka&More is said to be your second living room away from home.

See, it’s the little details like the décor above that make it all the more special. There is also a very scarce book shelf, which I am hoping the lovely owners are thinking of filling with books and daily newspapers soon.

Saw this on a friend’s Facebook page, she celebrated her birthday at Moka&More

You can like the Erbil Moka&More Facebook page, follow them on twitter, double tap their pictures on Instagram or visit the Moka&More website (did you see what I did there? Hyperlinked everything for you! haha)

At Moka&More – Erbil

In Erbil (because there is also a branch in Slemani) it is located right opposite the Italian Village on the 100 Meter rd. They are open from 9 am to 3 am. That’s right till 3 am! Don’t believe me? Call them if you like- 0751 051 0985!

Oh. One more thing, I promise, last note. They do delivery too. Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

Lots of love from
My Nest in Kurdistan


Pictures: Me, the Moka&More Facebook page and others stolen from Farah Al Bazarchi. She won’t mind.

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