Dream of a Peshmerga’s child

Hello loyal blog reader, As I write this post one of my loveliest friends in this entire world is working hard with a great team of volunteers putting together a super amazing event for this weekend. Guess what? (I imagine it’s not so hard to guess since I have placed it so boldly in the title) Dreams of peshmergas’ children will be coming true – with your help of course.

Peshmerga daughter - Kurdistan
A peshermarga’s daughter writing her dreams Photo: Dilvia

Have you ever thought how a simple gesture for a child often changes their entire lives? Have you ever thought about our Peshmerga in uniform fighting terrorists just so we can be safe in our own homes? What would make that peshmerga happier than knowing his child is happy? The Dream project, by Dilvia, for the second year is making dreams of children come true. How does it work? First, these amazinggggg volunteers have visited lots of families, they spent time with them, and allowed kids to write and draw their dreams.

Children of the Peshmerga have dreams. Photo: Dilvia



When you arrive you will see all of the children’s dreams drawn or handwritten by them personally, all you (your company or your group of friends) will do is sponsor a dream that appeals to you most, if you like… and soon, in your email you will get photos and videos of the child whose dream you made come true. Something so simple, yet so amazing. 1610863_614767102000251_4750454491298071983_n When? This Friday and Saturday (30 and 31 January) Where? At the hall in Van Royal hotel, 60 meters rd. Erbil, Kurdistan Region. Please come and join. Mark your calendar, make it a social event with your loved ones and come change a life in the simplest way possible. For more information visit the Dilvia Facebook page or contact (the angel) Shan Kameran. Lots of love from My Nest in Kurdistan Sazan,


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