A martyr’s eyes

I can’t sleep.

That’s it. I can’t take it. His face comes to my mind as  I try to sleep. The sparkle in his eyes come to me as soon as I place my head on the pillow and attempt to sleep. His name? Hujam Surchi. That is, martyr Hujam Surchi who was beheaded in front of camera.

I won’t lie. I did not watch the video. I couldn’t. I simply couldn’t.

I am in bed thinking. I am thinking of his 10, 11, 12 children? Did they watch their father being beheaded on Youtube? Did they share the video? Did the youngest of them all even know what is going on?

What about two of his children who are said to have special needs? Did they see? Did they hear? When they grow up, will they search the death of their father and find it all over the internet?

Who was he? A freedom fighter. While I rest my head at night in the safe walls of my home, he fought against beasts to protect me.

His eyes spoke the story. “Kurdistan, I did all I can for you. Please look after my family.” I wonder which child he was thinking of most, I wonder to myself what was the last words he told himself. The fate of many Kurds has been exactly this. From the time my grandfather was alive to know. It angers me. It kills me. It stings my heart. But his eyes. Dear God, his eyes are always infront of me. As if telling me I am guilty. The wrinkles around his eyes… his expressions.

What can I do? What can you do? For a life

Money can’t buy happiness. But for those living in harsh conditions it can change their lives. It can put better food on children’s plates, it can better prepare them for their schooling, everything from uniform to their pens and books, it can give them what their father worked to provide them. Hence, the campaign to support Hujam Surchi’s family from 2-5 Feb.

Martyr Hujam Surchi’s family

Hawler: Shar Park by Nishtiman Bazaar From 9.00 – 17.00
Slemani: City Center Mall Ground Floor. From 11.00 – 17.00
Duhok: Not yet confirmed where and how.

You are all welcome to pay me directly or contact me and I will come collect your donations, which I assure you will be given 100% to the family. Those who are outside of Kurdistan can donate to this bank account:

Account number: 8327-9,924 816 157-3
IBAN: SE30 8000 0832 7992 4816 1573

The Facebook page to the is right here

Or you can donate online right here on this link Yerevan Saeed has kindly added extra information there which you can also read.


Picture: Posted by Yerevan Saeed

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