Our book for May

Dearest Loyal Reader (s) – Hi Tazhan!!! 🙂

Sometimes life can get a little busy and we don’t get a chance to meet people who we can just chit-chat with or share information and views with. I totally understand. And then there is the girls who love reading but somehow either don’t get a chance to read books, aren’t motivated or.. you know all the other excuses there are. That’s why I have falled in love with our Poppy Loves Book Club in Erbil.

It’s simple. We all read the same book, then meet and go through a bunch of ideas and questions before meeting everyone else online!

We embraced Kurdistan’s beautiful spring and decided to meet in Martyr Sami Abdul-Rahman park for the April meeting. Photo: Huda

I thoroughly enjoyed the online live chat as well, as you realize a single book can mean different things to different people not just in the same city but also all around the world. As for our gathering, it’s always fun filled, inspiring and motivating! I also love how the girls get to be introduced to other girls who they haven’t met before.

Meanwhile in Nottinghill – UK Photo: Poppy

A very special thank you to Poppy, who always makes sure the girls in Kurdistan manage to get a copy of the book in some form or another. The amount of effort she puts in so we don’t miss out really means a lot to the girls here. From Erbil to Nottinghill- Thanks Poppy!

Last months book was We Should All be Feminists by Chimamanda Adichie and you can just imagine the type of discussion it created among us.


NEXT DATE: Wednesday 27th May, 5 PM Erbil time meet up then online 10 PM be ready!
OUR NEXT BOOK: The Temporary Bride by Jennifer Klinec, published by Virago 2014

The Temporary Bride by Jennifer Klinec, #PoppyLovesBookClub. Photo: Poppy’s blog

Here is how you can join:

1. Sign up to receive the POPPY LOVES BOOK CLUB PING! Each month she will let you know which book we’re reading, tell you all the new competitions and exciting news from the book club, and the readers all around the world.


2. JOIN IN POPPY LOVES BOOK CLUB ONLINE CHAT! (this is where you’ll also be able to chat to the author and ask her questions.) Considering time difference those in Kurdistan will usually go online a little later in the evening.

That’s it! You’re all done! Now on with the book…

by Jennifer Klinec, who will be joining us in person on the 27th May!

(Note: Parts of the above taken from Poppy’s blog)

If you are based in Erbil and you don’t have a copy of the book just drop me an email or inbox the My Nest in Kurdistan Facebook page. If you happen to read it, also let me know so I can update you of the time and place we will meet.

Don’t forget to drop a tweet to the author of this month’s book, Jennifer Klinec, to say you’re reading from Kurdsitan. Remember to jot your questions down to ask her on May 27th!

Instagram feed under #PoppyLovesBookClub last month Sorry, the white blank one! #BadInternet

Just to make it all extra fun, post your pictures while reading the book with the hashtag #PoppyLovesBookClub on Twitter, Instagram and the Facebook page too. The feeling of knowing you are reading the same book at the same time with 800 plus woman across the world is… exceptional!

Girls in other parts/ cities in Kurdistan who want continue this initiative please feel free to contact Poppy or myself.

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


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