Graduation picture before graduating!

Helloooo loyal reader,

I can’t believe how fast the weeks are going by, it’s Thursday already! Don’t you feel the days of your life are going by a little too quickly?

Some thought. So, this week my Facebook feed was full, and I mean FULL, of graduation pictures. Beautiful girls in Kurdish clothes, makeup and hair all done! Young men dressed their best, and parents standing by their children with flowers for what will be photos hanging on the walls for grandchildren to see. Of course lots of congratulatory hugs and kisses too.

hat tossing ceremony at graduation

Some girls–most in fact–made special jli kurdi, Kurdish clothes, for the occasion, booked salons (5 am bookings. By the way the expensive salon rates are a whole different story that makes you want to pull your hair out) and some changed outfits twice. Some universities hosted evening ‘informal’ graduation parties with dancing, music and lots of pictures too. Almost like an after party. All this sounds good, smiles all over. But…yup! There is always a big BUT….

BUT no one has taken final exams yet, no one knows their final results, and no one knows for sure if they will graduate or not. I really don’t know where this culture of doing the ‘informal graduation party’ and graduation pictures come from when the actual graduation hasn’t even happened!! People! There are still final exams to be sat, dissertations to be submitted and final papers yet to be finished. So why are we partying? Imagine, you’re in the graduate pictures, but you didn’t end up graduating. Ouch!

Why can’t we just wait and take all the pictures we want, get all the flowers, hugs and kisses we wish and join in the fun AFTER we get the results. When we are formally told we are graduated! Just a little thought.

On a better note, this week also, we saw #RanjiShaheedan, a campaign hosted on Rudaw TV that involved businessmen and companies in Kurdistan who donated for the families of the Peshmerga martyrs. While this got criticized in some places, the initiative, with no doubt deserves an applaud. Anything that lends a hand to vulnerable people should be encouraged. The 16 million raised goes to the families of the martyrs in Kurdistan. What a beautiful initiative, there is nothing like seeing citizens helping other citizens.

Losing the bread winner in a family (some families lost both father and son) means a tough life! If we as the people, and of course the government, can assist these families then it is our duty to do so!

On this note, top quality private education should be free of charge for all the children of martyrs, without random selection. The least we can do is to empower the children of our martyrs with quality education, which is almost always unaffordable by many widowed mothers. The again, top quality education should be free of charge to all.

May all of Kurdistan’s martyrs rest in peace; this land is only a nest to us because of their blood shed. I, for one, am forever grateful.

Until next Thursday

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan



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