Kurdistan Tour Guide!

Helllooo Loyal Readers!

Once upon a time even on the World Wide Web there was rarely anything about places and out & about around Kurdistan. We were lucky enough to find any non-Kurd who knew something about the Halabja Genocide or the Anfal campaign.

Well, it seems like this is over! While there are many websites and information on the internet all about Kurdistan- history, politics and places to visit, we still didn’t have the ultimate guide… until now!

Are you ready?!

I recently got my hands on this book:

Kurdistan Tour Guide
Kurdistan Tour Guide

The Kurdistan Tour Guide, edited by Dr. Douglas Layton, is your new must have. Trust me, even for someone who has lived in Kurdistan for nine years, when you get your hands on a copy of this book you feel as though you haven’t even lived here and haven’t seen anything in Kurdistan yet.

The book covers general information about Kurdistan, background to first time comers including some cultural insight and then the PLACES! All the places you can discover on this land. It goes through Kurdistan city by city, town by town and even villages to bring to you the best attractions and must visits. What I love is that there is historical information and background on each place. Guessss what????? It even has a section on Kurdish food, no but wait, the recipe to dolma (along with few other foods) is also there!!!

Everything from the plant diversity of the Kurdistan Region to poetry, music, arts, film, horses, libraries and of course the citadel is all in this 380 page book.

For only $20 it is a must have in any house hold. Not only if you want to travel around, but there is some great information there that is rare to find online. I have already book marked some places I want to see, meals I want to cook, and general information I want to read.

If you want to purchase your copy I was told there are some at the Divan Hotel and some Korek shops. However the best option is inbox the Facebook page right here and order a copy. Easy as that. You should have your copy the next day.

Kurdistan Tour Guide
Kurdistan Tour Guide

There is a map attached at the back (big one too!)

For more information on the Kurdistan Tours Guide:

info@kurdistantourguide.com   (although the spelling in the book is info@kurdistantourquide.com)

It is published by the World Impact Press LLC, 2015.

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


4 thoughts on “Kurdistan Tour Guide!

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  1. Dear Sazan

    I am glad you enjoyed the Guide and thanks for sharing it with the world around you. We will release the Guide in the USA around the 5th of July and hope that a book launch we have planned in Washington DC later that month will have a great impact on generating more support for the Kurds in this difficult time. While ISIS has done a great disservice to us for sure — at the same time they have done us one big favor — most now know what Kurd is at least. Now it is up to us to put a positive spin on all the PR they have provided and let the world know what an amazing place it is.

    Keep up the good work!!

    Dr. Douglas Layton


    1. Dr. Douglas,
      This is fantastic news!!! Maybe it can be sold on Amazon as well for easy access for people all around the world. We will spread the word to our friends in Washington DC.


  2. Dear, am very happy with the publish of this book, it is a great job. It helps me with my work, organize tours from Holland to Kurdistan region.
    I would like to order one but can’t get the link after clicking?
    My best regards and thanks to you


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