Ramadan has come!

Dear Loyal Reader (Hi H.G.!!)

Wow! Thursday again. So soon. Where do the days fly off to?

Today coincides with the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. All of a sudden many things change. It will be interesting to do a research on how people change during this month, and how long the positive changes last?

This year is different from the past decade where Kurdistan was speeding forward with modernization, progress, increase of companies and job opportunities. Last night my husband was speaking of listing names of individuals who had to leave the company he works for. “Hard to let people go from their jobs with the start of Ramadan,” he said, and I listened as he gave me all the reasons.

Ramazantan Piroz bet. Picture: EMP

I realize this Ramadan will be a difficult one to many families. Not just the two million refugees and IDPs but also our own people who have lost their fathers or sons as martyrs fighting ISIS, or those who have lost their jobs because of the political (Baghdad-Erbil relations) and the secuirty (damn ISIS!) situation in the Region.

Having said this, later last night a trip to Carrefour returned to me the entire Ramadan feeling. Everyone was busy buying food (don’t ask why we leave it for the last minute, I was one of them too), the place was over packed. Even though it wasn’t the most convenient, I enjoyed watching people getting into the spirit of the holy month.

I love how large families get together to break their fast, how friends invite one another over, or take turns to host each other for iftar. I love how everyone most peopel begin to actually appreciate what they have and try to control many of the otherwise negative habits they have. I love getting a plate of food from my neighbour.

I enjoy watching people welcome the month in their own ways, and nothing is wrong. I dont’ find it wrong for girls to wear a scarf for the one month, if they wish.  I like it how as a sign of respect people try to avoide eating infront of those who are fasting (but they are allowed to if they wish to eat in public, and no one should judge those who don’t fast. Personal decision), I like observing how some individuals you never expect in a million years to fast actually take the holy month seriously. Why not? 1 month a year better than no month.

I like seeing people walk to Taraweeh to pray together, be thankful and appreciate. Better than seeing people fight, yell and scream with one another.  I like the night life and the culture outside once the sun has set.

A friend wrote a status that during the day we become angry hangry during the day and in the evening we eat like there is no tomorrow. Which defeats the entire purpose of the holy month. Another wrote “Happy Ramadhan to all REAL Muslims” sadly and unfortunately, us, those who practice, often are bad ambassadors of our religion.

I don’t like the fact that some markets raise the prices of food, only because families need to make certain purchases. Others raise the cost of clothes, because people start preparing for Jezhn (and new clothes has been a culture for a long time). I find this a contradiction, since we are in the month of spirituality, in the month of caring, giving and loving one another.

I also can’t stand that the number of beggars on the streets increase by 10000% making you feel guilty for even being alive.

I wish you all, my loyal readers a peaceful month. May all your prayers be answered, may it be a time where we turn a new page, change some of our negative habits and trully become better individuals, for ourselves and the society in which we live in.

Ramazantan Pirozbet

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan




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