Change the life of a family. Please.

Today I met a woman who is in pain, she is in pain physically, mentally and her heart is broken into a million pieces, yet she smiles and is thankful. I sit here tonight in the comfort of my own home feeling guilty. Sometimes life, my dear reader, is indeed unfair to some people. Donations

Today in a village outside of Erbil my wonderful friend Saza, S.K. and I walked into a home that was very bare. Half was a mud house. Spotless clean, with no furniture but a TV hung on the wall and a neat cupboard in the corner.

A unique family. A mother, aged 32, she was so beautiful despite looking as though she was in the second half of her fourties. She has breast cancer. Her husband died four years ago due to an illness, and left her with five kids. Her children, the eldest will turn 13 this month, were the loveliest, most well behaved I have seen.  I could see this woman has raised these kids with a lot of effort and hard work.

The children don’t know of her breast cancer, I send one of the girls outside to give sweets to the others while the mum talks briefly of her cancer, with two operations already done, nothing is clear. She hasn’t been taking her medication for the past three days because it makes her dizzy and tired, “I can’t look after the children, and cook when I take my medicine,” She explains.

This woman lives for her kids. They are so clean, well dressed and amazingly well behaved. Her only brother is neighbors with her, but he suffers from epilepsy seizures and isn’t in the best of health condition either.

I can’t sleep tonight without calling out for a helping hand to this amazing family of a cancer patient mother and her five children. I am worried. The kids have already lost their father, I don’t know what it will be like to lose their mother while being so young. It is devastating just to think of.

Would you like to help someone this Ramadan, do you have Zakat money? Here is how you can help this family:

  1. Donate money so the eldest son so he can take a car ride to nearby Masif everyday for his high school, as there is no high school in the village. His mum cannot afford the 50, 000  IQD ($42) monthly car fee. He will have to try his luck every morning by walking to the main road in the hope that any random driver will stop and take him free of charge. If no one stops, then that day he won’t be going to school. This concerns me, if god forbid, the cancer becomes too strong and takes away his mother this young boy is left with the responsibility of all his four siblings.
  2. Pay off the family’s food debt at the local shop in the village. Because salary hasn’t been received, the mother’s debt in the local food store has increased to more than 500, 000 IQD ($420). She buys food, and when she has money goes to pay back the shop owner.
  3. Pay for the mother’s medical expenses, I feel for the sake of her children she is compromising in her own health. She is the type that won’t go to a private doctor  for herself so she saves money to feed her children. I am concerned about her neglect to her health.
  4. Despite the fact that for her school is expenses because she has to give 500 IQDs (40 cents) a day to each of her children, she is still persistent they all attend school.  How lovely it will be if someone paid for a month’s worth daily school expenses to her children?

She is a wise mother, whatever donation you make I know she will spend it well on her children. She tells us one of her younger boys likes to drink milk. I think to myself whether or not milk is expensive, is this considered a burden? Despite her illness every week she makes bread at home so she doesn’t have to buy it. This is not just a woman, she is a warrior. If I had to award a woman for being so resilient and sacrificing for others, this mother will be her!

If you would like to donate to this beautiful family please get in touch. Any little bit will go a long way. This mother is very deserving and self sacrificing. Her children are the sweetest, most innocent little angels. Please. Help. Please.

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


Image: Google. 

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