A family smiled… thanks to you!

Loyal reader, no matter where you are in the world,



I was humbled by the number of inboxes and emails from the last post I wrote. I thought it is only fair to update you what happened to the lovely family of six since the last time I wrote about them. Someone, very kind, sponsored the eldest son’s transportation to and from school, so he will be on time and at school everday in the upcoming study year. Yaay!! A little money has also been donated for daily school expenses for next year. Both these will be taken to them on a monthly bases. This has been promised by a lovely one.

The day we went, we were told the younger daughter had asked her mother, “why don’t we have nice food for dinner.” Coincidently, we had taken with us another donation of a month’s cooking needs, paid off the debth at the shop, and the family received enough money- in cash- to live for the next three months even if they don’t receive any other salary or payment.

Oh yes, I can’t forget to mention the basket of sweets and goodies donated by another kind hearted person. I know the kids were excited to break their fast and start muching away.

These were all delivered a day before Jezhn (Eid).

Another dear one is following up with the mother’s health condition, her medicine and making sure she is seeing the right doctors and getting her diagnosis. I promise to conitnue visiting the family and give you updates every now and then.

In the meantime a number of other people, who live in a village, isolated, and are finding it difficult to make a living were also approached. With your donations their food debts were paid. All of you who have donated received an email with updates, if you haven’t yet received it then do let me know. Please!

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all, and all those who helped bring in other people’s donations. It means a lot. There is nothing like a happy nest.

Saza, Huda and SK, special thanks to the three of you. You know why!

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


Another dear one

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