Let’s visit Jundiyan

Hello Loyal Reader,

I couldn’t let this post fly by as the sizzling hot summer months are coming to an end in Kurdistan. Imagine a really warm weekend in Erbil, forget the chaotic Family Mall on a Friday morning and make your way to somewhere in beautiful nature among mountains and waterfalls.  You can have a mouth watering, red, sweet shooti (watermelon)  cooled in the water, music, family and nature.

Last year we did a trip to Jundiyan, and still haven’t shared some of the pictures, so let this humble blog post give you a feel of how it is. Come, let’s go to Jundiyan!


These stairs have water flowing right through them, nature’s own. Get ready to freeezeeeee



IMG_1498Jundiyan is close to Rwandz- you can read more about Rwandz right here.

IMG_1516So if you have a free weekend in September make your way to Jundiyan to slowly make an end to this very warm horrible summer we have had.

IMG_1525Even better if you have a large manjal (pot) of Dolma or Bryani, take it with a watermelon, a board game or tawli, take a mat to sit on and enjoy. Remember, the simple things make life big. But please, please do drive safe on those mountainous roads of Kurdistan.

All pictures by me, but this photo was taken from here (www.bot.gov.krd)

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  1. Something I’d love for Miss/Mrs Mandalawi to write about!!!

    If you’re at a point in your life where you can’t stand being single or trying to get married, then you’re not alone, or at least that’s what I keep being told.

    You want that someone to share meals with, talk to, exchange affection and support you in ways that only a lover can. You want your plus one and no matter how many rationales you’ve come up with to make peace with your situation, it doesn’t change the fact that being single can suck.

    Well, I’m one of those people, and it not only sucks I really can’t stand it anymore.

    Some people might say, it is down to the individual, their confidence and how open minded they are and if they accept the fact that they are the ‘choosers’. You are the chooser and you are in control.

    Ok, that all seems fair enough.

    Then, the next part, they say, is social integration, and expanding your social circle.

    Ok, done that part as well.
    Currently I am in Kurdistan, Erbil, where I have been working for the last few years, having returned from abroad after nearly 29 years. So, I have expanded my social circle and all that..

    Being outside for my whole life, made me a near enough a complete stranger to my culture, as such I was ‘advised’ and told what to do and what not to do. For example, you cannot just walk up to a Kurdish girl in a mall or the street and talk to her and ask for her number so that you can possibly go on a date..

    No, that’s a big no I was told. So, how does one like my self get to meet someone to get married? Well, I’ve heard many peoples advice and how they have done it.
    Meet through university, meet through friends, (although that one is very limited), or, the common procedure, you get your parents to go on the hunt… Which is a complete no, and id like to get to know the girl first, not get engaged just so I can take her to family mall.

    There are many ways I’ve heard that young are resorting to in order to get a bf or gf. Some of these ways are, giving signals to someone and then find out some possible way of giving him/her a piece of paper with your number on it, without anyone seeing you. Seriously, I could do all that.

    Another dilemma, I met someone through a friend. Since then, I have been trying to contact that person with no luck, they are engaged or possibly married now, but how would a Kurdish guy for example or even s girl, make themselves known to the other of the other is about to be married or engaged?

    It’s a long subject I think, and one that is possibly not unique to only me, or I hope not. So, I wanted to share this with someone, anyone because if I don’t il go insane.


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