Rebuild Kobani with the Australian National University

So many people are doing so many great things for so many great causes, and sometimes one can get confused and lost as to who to support and what to do to help. Then there are the little initiatives that I feel go a very long way. The little things that make you feel, “Wow,  I may not be wealthy and I may not have donated tens of thousands of dollars, but I did something to help.”  Here is one!
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I came across a very exciting campaign put together by the Australian National University- ANU– (of course I have a soft side for my second nest, Australia) and I absolutely loved the idea, it s called Stand With Kobani. So, how can you help rebuild Kobani? Simple, purchase a bracelet online for $10.99 and that’s it, I love how it has written on it: “I rebuilt Kobani.” If everyone does their own little part, indeed, we can all help rebuild Kobani.
What is even greater is that you can be a Penpal with a Kobani English student as well. So get in touch with Australian National University’s Middle Eastern Society.
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For more information read the below written by Greg McLellan, or contact Greg directly here– should you have any questions!

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Those who care about the liberation of Kobanê and the emergence of a autonomous Rojava, are encouraged to contribute or disseminate the organisation on social media. Those who wish to collaborate with the organisation are encouraged, and those who would like to become a pen-pal with Kobanê English students are welcomed to contact the organisation. With your support, an independent and autonomous Rojava can emerge

Kobanê has not yet completely recovered from the Islamic State’s military conquest. Over 200,000 Kobanê citizens fled their homes and were largely resettled in refugee camps in neighbouring Turkey. In these camps, Kurdish civilians are deprived of the luxuries they once enjoyed and are forced to live a life of scarcity and isolation. All yearn to return home, yet this is not currently feasible.

 Almost 70% of Kobanê remains completely uninhabitable. Constant airstrikes spanning months without interruption has left the city in complete desolation. A systematic cleaning and reconstruction process is necessary before the citizens of Kobanê can return back home.

 Because of Rojava’s links to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party many western agencies suppress the existence of aid organisations working within the city. Of these organisations, the largest and most active is the Kobani Reconstruction Board (KRB), which works on the the ground with locals to clear rubble and rebuilt the necessary infrastructure. Within the Western media, the KRB receives very little coverage, and even less financial assistance. However, this is set to change following a recent campaign launched by University students in Canberra, Australia.

Biji Kurdistan.

Greg McLellan

President of the Australian Arabic & Middle East Society (ANU AMES) 

Until next time, help make the greater Kurdistan a Nest for all


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  1. Hey I don’t know how to contact you and that’s not my real email…but was wondering if you could post something about young single Kurdish people trying to get married?

    Kurdish guy


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