Donate a best friend for the elderly

Loyal reader,

In the car back from the Nursing home I was telling Saza how the times I spend there I am my happiest. yes, I am most content when talking and sitting with the elderlies. This is not to say for the entire time there I hold back my tears.


As I am writing this I have in front of me a radio, and a lot (and I mean A LOT) of illustrations with poems. Since the last post, I managed to sell a good number of the pictures, bought some art supplies and gave the rest of the money to Maam Khalil. I wished all those who bought his art were with me to witness just how happy he was. He started singing (drop onto my Twitter to see one of the short videos).

I have a radio with me, it is old and broken, the radio can probably tell you many stories of its owner, I know it has been passed form person to person.


The elderly man stood behind the door as I was in the women’s hall. As I left the large room he came to me with his wheelchair, “Can you fix this for me?” He asked.

The radio is too old to be fixed, so I can take him a new one next time, but that is not my point. My point here is what if we could all donate and buy all the elderlies radios. There are a few there who are blind, most of them are lonely and very isolated. A small radio will be their best friend. A small radio with headphones so they can enjoy the music they like, get used to talk shows or just something to keep them company.


So many of them sit a lone, some lay in bed all day long. No activities and nothing but one big TV for all of them to share (and it’s always on Rudaw news), some don’t have the energy to walk to the TV room. Others have no visitors, not once a month, or even once a year… the radio will be their best friends.

This is a small initiative but will go a very long way. If you would like to donate for us to purchase a radio just get in touch. Please.

I have a new bunch of illustrations if you want to purchase them, 100% of sales go back to Maam Khalil

Lots of love from

My Nest in Kurdistan


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