The depressing days…

Loyalist reader,

If you look back to posts from a few years ago, I think this blog was much more lively. I mean, I can still go to the Citadel and write how beautiful it is, I can still visit places, take pictures and write about just how amazing they are.

Photo: Taken from The Darling Beast  ‘s Facebook Page– I love how this girl captures stories through her camera’s lens.

But this blog is part of the reality, and the reality here is gloomy, cloudy (no, not one of those cloudy days where you feel cozy inside while having your warm tea, listening to Karim Kaban while the candle is burning- I don’t mean that cloudy), unpredictable and everyone  people are feeling blue.

Yesterday we visited a couple, who are friends of ours. A few days before we had some friends over, and a weekend or two back I met with some of my relatives. It is all the same talk, the same feelings and the the same thoughts:

Life is tough, they say.

A couple I know are finding it hard to make a living. He is a nurse at a hospital about five hours drive from Erbil, where his wife and one-year-old son live. His wife is on the search for a job, graduate from the College of Education, it seems like no one wants another teacher at their school. He is working without a salary.

Another couple. He is a new Doctor, she is an Engineer. He isn’t getting his salary, she isn’t finding a job, “We are trying to sort something out, go study somewhere… but whose going to give us a visa?” The ideal plan in their mind is to temporarily move out of the country, one will do their postgraduate studies, the other will work to make a living. They’re thinking. They’ve been thinking for a while now.

The other couple said a few nights back they felt their lowest, when the electricity cut the question was where to go, where to go, where to go… they ended up taking the car only to go around the 60 meter road a few times before returning home once again. Life is a little depressing.

A relative of mine is about to make the I DO vow. Forget about a wedding party and jewelry. One can do with just the rings. The question they have is: how can we pay the rent? 

Then again, take a drive around town there are still people going out. Some are still shopping at the most expensive furniture shops and the most costly beauty salons are still (sometimes) booked out.

But there are also shops closing down, sales everywhere and prices of house and land going down. But no customers.

I hate to say this but I feel our youth are being affected a lot by the current situation. Definitely not all, but a good handful. Life seems to be on pause at the moment. A long pause. But for young people full of ambitions, plans and dreams for their life a pause is not always welcome. Life is too short for too many long pauses.

Then there is me, dreams to finish my PhD, my partners MBA and mostly importantly raising our son… all of a sudden you see yourself positioned to make difficult decisions- probably decisions you don’t want to take. I hope this illness finds a treatment and is cured soon, because no one deserves to live in this internal struggle. Kurds have struggled enough.

Lots of love from my

My Nest in Kurdistan


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  1. I can imagine how hard the situation there. Here we experienced such a situation in 1998, when political chaos happened, currency felt down, and people was going crazy. But, with every hardship comes ease. Keep struggling dear friend, my pray for u all….


  2. Indeed it’s a very depressing time. Add to it the absolute lack of labor law in Kurdistan. On one side the civil servant’s not getting paid for 4 months now. And on the other, absolutely no official or legal authority is monitoring the labor regulations for the private sector companies, including the international ones. almost half of my friends got slayed off most of which without even prior notice. There is no job security and not any kind of medical or pension insurance. And almost all of the companies have all the right. As the government itself has no respect to its contracts with them.


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