A day well spent

Dearest loyal reader…

Today was a good day.

It was a good day because in the early morning I asked a special someone for a favour and before I even finished the request she said “yes of course!” even though I know too well she is the busiest woman in Erbil. A friend of mine agreed to support a little initiative of the Global Shapers- Erbil hub regarding Cancer Awareness (stay tuned for more soon).

I then get a call from two wonderful girls to meet. “When” I asked,


“eeerrrrr, yeah, give me 10 minutes.”


We met, and we did what all girls do when they meet. We spoke, and spoke, and spoke some more. But guess what? We spoke topics of life, positivity, dreams, future ambitions, we spoke of how it’s possible  to achieve all that you set your mind to, about best ways to live life and a bunch of other talks about projects and activities we have. Before I knew it I had to leave to meet someone else. This one is greater than great. Believe me.

The second half of my day was a painful one, but an inspiring, and a motivating one. The type of day that makes you stop and think. I caught up with none other than Saza (she has become one of the necessary vitamins in my life, if I don’t see her or speak to her for a few days I feel a sort of emptiness). As usual she is early waiting for me in the car and I am running late with a billion excuses, but oh god how much I love her when she says “khamt nabe awa chawaretm gyan”

An afternoon at Maali Khanda (orphanage) was well spent with the kids, we had those moments where Saza & I looked at each other and knew what we were thinking. I will leave that for a different day. But hey, hugs and kisses from kids at Mali Khanda is the best gift. Ever. Eight years now, and I love it more and more each day.

Finally, it’s a good day because I shared these details with my loved one and then watched my little angel go to sleep.

How was your day? When in Kurdistan I feel you play a good role in how your day turns out to be. Some are boring and depressing, others are full of life, inspiration and positivity.

These are the days of my life

Until next time lots of love from My Nest in Kurdistan


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