We bought a best friend

Loyalist readers!!!

Why hello there.

Imagine you are at an elderly people’s home. You husband/ wife have passed away, you are ill to the extent that can’t leave your bed without someone’s help. You share a room with 10 other people. The kids that you sacrificed all your life for to raise don’t even visit you for a hello, not even once in a blue moon. There are no leisure activities for you take part in, even if there were you are too weak to even leave your bed. You need someone to talk to, someone to speak to you, you need to take your mind to places that make you smile. Right? Yes? No? ….

Well, we would hope that we can bring people to visit you. But hey, this is the 21st century and people would rather scroll down Facebook, and double tap Instagram pictures of food than come talk to you. Sad reality, aaahhhh how the times were better when you were younger. But anyway, don’t you worry, here is what we have brought to you: A best friend for you to keep. A radio.

A best friend that you can put on when you wish. You can switch it off also when you wish. you can listen to religious channels if you are spiritual, you can listen to songs if that’s what calms you, you can follow the news, or be part of a daily morning or evening show. Now when and where you want with a press of a button (and eyes closed) you can be in another world, just you and your best friend….

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Dearest reader, I am sorry if I have reminded you that you too, will one day age. But remember my rambling (and begging you all) to buy the pictures that one of the men at the elderly people’s home had made? Well, we sold out so quickly *evil, happy grin* and with your lovely donations we gave a large number of elderly people radios. Their reactions  at such a simple gift from you all was beyond what words can write.

My bed earlier this evening before writing this post. A few new pieces ready for sale

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all and remind you that we do have another lot to sell. *Another evil grin* I did decide to raise the price to $5 because demand is high and we think Mam Khalil’s art master pieces drawn and written in his lonely nights at the nursing home deserve a little more than what you would normally pay for your coffee.

lots and lots of love from My Nest in Kurdistan



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